Cheap laptop, anyone?

Anyone know a good place (other than EBay) to find cheap used laptops? I want to find something small, light, and able to run DragonFly, natch.

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  1. I suppose it depends on how powerful you want it, but I’d check

    They have PIIIM’s for less than $300 and P4M’s for less than $500.

    And they come with a clean slate, no OS on it so you’re not paying for XP.

  2. always seems to have a selection of PIII Thinkpads, the T series being small and light (and pretty compatible with other OSes). They start around the low 400’s for an 800MHz and go up from there.

  3. Some places I’ve used have been the venerable and, the latter of which often has N%-off deals if you get on their spam list. Then there’re the laptops, and TheInquirer is doing a semi-weekly roundup of the best deals on new stuff. (Seems like you can get something from the AXP-M range for around $500 these days, but I haven’t been looking closely.)

  4. Oh yeah, and is another less-obvious option, though I’ve never actually ordered from’m. No laptops this week.

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