Off-topic: hardware as a software add-on

This doesn’t directly have anything to do with DragonFly, but it’s interesting: Sun is offering an Ultra 20 workstation free with a 3-year subscription to the services they offer. Those services cost $360 a year (which is how it’s billed, not monhly like they say), so it’s about $1K for the computer.

It’s certainly neat; while you could assemble a similar machine for close to a third of the price from off-the-shelf parts, it wouldn’t have the support, or run nearly as well. In terms of units, Sun is the second-largest Unix vendor around (here’s the first), and the biggest when it comes to server systems, as far as I know. If I worked with more Solaris machines, or more with Java, it would be an attractive offer. (First seen on The Howling Void.)