NVMM lands in DragonFly

Aaron LI’s added NVMM, hardware acceleration for virtual machines, to DragonFly.

The version of qemu in dports is not set up to support this, yet.  Until then, you can download a prebuilt version.

Since NVMM originated on NetBSD, the NetBSD documentation page for it describes how to use it quite well.  There’s a man page in DragonFly for it too, of course.  There’s even basic machines to try.

In Other BSDs for 2021/07/17

More BUG meetings are happening, which is great.

In Other BSDs for 2021/06/19

Follow the helloSystem links this week.

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Multiple links from one source is the mini-theme this week.

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Literally this is my open browser tabs pasted in order.

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Some useful setup instructions in here.

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Done early, and I have more BSD-related tabs to get through.

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Some opinion, some documentation.

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Lots to read, yet I still have unposted tabs!


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There’s some opinions mixed in this week!


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I’m hitting all the unixes.

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Well, I made up for last week’s short list.

Semi-BSD-related: One of my 3 workplaces needs a Software Team Lead.  (scroll down)  The main product is FreeBSD-based, though this team position does not directly work with it.

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There’s a lot to catch up on!


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A FreeBSD-heavy week.

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This bulked up fast this week.

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Lots of history this week.


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Some interesting ‘how do you do this?’ sort of material this week.

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Spooky Halloween BSD News!  Well, not really.