Thanks to Daniel Fojt, awk(1) has jumped from the 2012 version in DragonFly, to the 2020 version.  The commit message shows the highlights so you don't have to read through the whole history.  Given that DragonFly's awk is the One True awk, that eight years are only a small percentage of the overall history.
Did you know there's a default size limit to pf's routing table?  I did not, but it makes sense that there is one.  If for some reason you bump into this limit (difficult for home use, I'd think), here's how you change it.
Minor computer history theme this week.
Overflow again, finally.
The most recent BSD Now covers a number of different topics, some of which you may have already seen linked.  There's some reader questions too, which I'm sure you have not seen.
I deliberately made the headline obscure for fun.  Anyway, the most recent bugfix release for dhcpcd, 9.1.2, happens to set capiscum/pledge-style privilege separation for the program - without requiring those technologies to be built into the system.
It's teeny models week.  I am reaching outside my normal topics this week, too.
Thanks to Daniel Fojt, diffutils, less, and sed have all had significant upgrades in DragonFly; the linked commits have the changes listed.  Somehow I expect utilities like less(1) to be frozen in time, not still updated and changed.
The serial port in DragonFly is now set by default to 115200, not 9600 as anyone over 40 probably has memorized (along with the numbers 640, 1024, and 4.3M).
DragonFly's sysclock_t is now a 64-bit value.  This is a dramatic change, but should be invisible to userland.  Meaning, you don't have to recompile world/update packages/etc.  It's interesting but not eventful.
Wide topic range, again.
I like having shorter link texts so they all line up, but sometimes it's unavoidably descriptive.
If you want to boot DragonFly on your UEFI machine, and also OpenBSD, and also Linux, Martin Aleksandrov Ivanov has you covered.