Don’t upgrade, do recompile

A bump in shared library version for libssl/libcrypto means that any programs dependent on it will require a rebuild – including any pkgsrc programs.

This only affects you if you are running 2.7, for now.  It means that on upgrading from 2.6 to 2.8, any libssl-using programs will need to be updated.  This may not be a big thing, since pkgsrc-2010Q3 will also be out and people will want to upgrade anyway.

Binary package upgrade issue

I’ve noticed that if you have older pkgsrc packages installed, and install binary packages for pkgsrc-2010Q2, those packages will refuse to install if pkg_install is an older version than what they were built with.

I ended up force-deleting pkg_install and bmake, and reinstalling by running pkgtools/bootstrap/bootstrap.  There may be better solutions; I’m mentioning it now since it’s a known problem.

Update: “bmake replace USE_DESTDIR=yes” was suggested by Joerg Sonnenberger.  “pkg_add -u /path/to/newer/pkg_install” should also work (untested).

This will probably apply to the upcoming pkgsrc-2010Q3, too.  Building from source is a workaround for now.

Crater disk craters

A hard disk in, where the repo for DragonFly source is located, died last night.  The disk has been replaced, and the files should all be back in place later today.  Double-check if you committed something in the last 24 hours and make sure it’s there, just to be safe.