It looks like my prior article was incorrect: it was a different issue than MADT causing problems with booting x86_64.  Scrambled memory report appears to be at the heart of the issue; in any case, it's fixed now.
John Marino found that when he couldn't boot a x86_64 development image in Virtualbox, setting the sysctl hw.madt_probe_test=1 seemed to make a difference long enough to boot, though it still crashed later.  It's worth trying if there's no other way to boot, at least.
Two committers who went dormant some time ago:  Nuno Antunes and Robert Garrett.  Two committers who recently became active again?  Nuno Antunes and Robert Garrett.  Welcome, back, guys.  Developers tend to be active in open source only for as long as they've got an itch to scratch, so it's always great to see a return.
A bump in shared library version for libssl/libcrypto means that any programs dependent on it will require a rebuild - including any pkgsrc programs. This only affects you if you are running 2.7, for now.  It means that on upgrading from 2.6 to 2.8, any libssl-using programs will need to be updated.  This may not be a big thing, since pkgsrc-2010Q3 will also be out and people will want to upgrade anyway.
I've noticed that if you have older pkgsrc packages installed, and install binary packages for pkgsrc-2010Q2, those packages will refuse to install if pkg_install is an older version than what they were built with. I ended up force-deleting pkg_install and bmake, and reinstalling by running pkgtools/bootstrap/bootstrap.  There may be better solutions; I'm mentioning it now since it's a known problem. Update: "bmake replace USE_DESTDIR=yes" was suggested by Joerg Sonnenberger.  "pkg_add -u /path/to/newer/pkg_install" should also work (untested). This will probably apply to the upcoming pkgsrc-2010Q3, too.  Building from source is a workaround for now.
A hard disk in, where the repo for DragonFly source is located, died last night.  The disk has been replaced, and the files should all be back in place later today.  Double-check if you committed something in the last 24 hours and make sure it's there, just to be safe.
If you were looking for something to do, Samuel J. Greear has invested some time in cleaning up the various project idea pages out there, and has links to prove it.
Did you know Fred is the name for the DragonFly mascot?  Well, you do now.  He's also back in the bootloader, thanks to Joe Talbott.
I mentioned previously that Postgres 9 is already in pkgsrc, but the flip side of that is both Postgres 8.2, and MySQL 4 are being removed.  If you still have these installed, be ready to migrate at your next upgrade. Oh, and you can switch to clang for building pkgsrc, too.
Venkatesh Srinivas (whee!) has written up a lengthy post about his idlezero work.  It provides a nice peek into recent work, and how parts of DragonFly work.  I'd normally save it for a Lazy Reading entry, but I don't want to wait that long.  It should hopefully show up on the site too.