2 Replies to “Lazy Reading: subversion, packaging, beams”

  1. SVN: So the guy describes, that he is annoyed that his workmates don’t write comments on the committed changes and that they usually commit changes, which break the code and that he has problems using MS Windows. I may be dense, but where are exactly the “Bad things about SVN”? I have very little experience using git, because i find it unintuitive and complicated, so please share your knowledge with me: Does git check in default installation, that the comments on commits make sense? Does git prevent committing changes, that break other code?

  2. Oh, I didn’t think his arguments about subversion were particularly valid; I was mostly linking because it was a kind of Two Minute Hate that I’m almost nostalgic for. When people wanted to complain, it used to be colossal mailing list screeds; nowadays, it’s just a snarky comment.

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