Why a BSD license?

I had a conversation with a coworker today about what phone to buy, and I thought about this: iPhones are pretty, but you don’t get to own your software or fully choose what to run.  This developer’s blog entry sums up all the things you can’t do with Apple’s App Store, and by doing so manages to describe the opposite of open source.  (via, I think)  The point I’m making: BSD licensing is more valuable than you think.

Interregnum interrupted

Sorry about a week without posts!  I was in the wilds of Canada and without any Internet access, for probably the longest period for me since 1995.  It was weird.  Regular posts resume tomorrow.

Linkpile 8/8/8

Today is one of those dates that’s fun to type. Anyway!

BSDNews back?

There’s something there being updated, though it just has the old icon and what looks like a default PHPNuke-ish interface.  Hopefully some authorial voice will arise.

20080804 links

These linkdumps are really kind of fun to do: