New ad supplier

I’ve moved to HiddenNetwork for the sidebar ad. HiddenNetwork provides ads for computer jobs, which I’d bet would interest most of the Digest’s readers. Some of them look tempting to me, in fact.

I originally heard of HiddenNetwork from reading The Daily WTF, and then had a followup recommendation (good idea, Simon). Please let me know your opinion by comment or email.

Some BSD happenings

In the news recently:

Advisory Check 1.0 was released, which checks for vulnerabilities in installed software, and works with an impressive number of package managment systems on BSD and Linux. It includes pkgsrc, so it should work on DragonFly. (Thanks, BSDNews)

PC-BSD, a ‘with-its-desktop-and-package-manager’ version of FreeBSD, was bought by iXsystems. Reading this interview, it seems ‘bought’ == hiring of the main developer of PC-BSD by iXsystems. The lucky guy gets to be paid for what he used to do for fun.

pfSense, a FreeBSD-based firewall derived from m0n0wall, has reached version 1.0. One of the project leads on pfSense is Scott Ullrich, who also commits to DragonFly. pfSense uses the BSD Installer (again, Scott Ullrich is involved in that) as does DragonFly.

csup and other cvsup alternatives

csup is usable for a cvsup client, and since it’s written in C, doesn’t require modula-3, which doesn’t build on DragonFly.  csup was broken on DragonFly, though YONETANI Tomokazu has a fix.  Of course, the server side still needs to be compiled, with the same dependency problems.  Alternatives like cvsync have problems, and rsync is supposed to be too taxing, but now is a good time to test that assumption, perhaps with a benchmark?