Sys Admin Magazine is looking for writers. They want it enough to send out an email mentioning the needed topics: Security Server Virtualization Linux Administration Training and Certification Backup and Recovery Clustering Database Management Networking Information Security Storage Server Management Performance Tuning Scripting
All the sessions at NYCBSDCon 2006 were recorded and are now available as mp3 files.  Many have slides, too! (Thanks, Undeadly)
Sepherosa Ziehau has a slew of new/revised drivers for testing: ural(4), rum(4), re(4), and sk(4). They are, I think, all network drivers.  They are not yet committed, so please test if you have the right hardware. has a 3-page interview with various OpenBSD developers about the features in the newest release.  The interview goes into interesting detail, and for relevance, some of the newer wireless drivers in DragonFly came from this code work.
Matthew Dillon is making major changes to the namecache over the next 24 hours or so; watch out until it stabilizes.  These changes should make nullfs mounting more memory-efficient, among other things, and lays a foundation for union or shadowing filesystems.
Simon 'corecode' Schubert has managed to create a patch which, among other aspects of Linux binary support, allows the Linux Flash to work.
Sepherosa Ziehau has improved transmission speed for 802.11x networking under adverse conditions.  In other words, faster wireless.  See the post for the technical terminology.