Certification News

BSDCertification.org has a new newsletter out, and a monstrous 143-page summary of the Task Summary Survey they conducted some time ago. Interestingly, 3.8% of respondents use DragonFly at school/work, which is more than I expected in this part of the development cycle.

Summer of Code projects showing up

FreeBSD has 18 different Google Summer of Code projects, one of which is integrating our very own BSD Installer, among other very interesting ideas. There’s a wiki with information on a few of the proposals. NetBSD is also particpating, though there’s no list of accepted proposals online, yet. (hubertf will probably have something soon.)

Update: There’s a SourceForge project for the NetBSD Summer of Code work. (thanks, anonymous poster!) Ooh! Someone’s working on zeroconf!

Game review!

Yeah, yeah, it’s for Linux, but it’s good to see a game review for a Unixy operating system. Many games will play on BSD as well as Linux, sometimes natively.

Speaking of reviews and such, the ONLamp BSD page hasn’t been updated for almost 2 months. Come back, ONLamp! The main site has an interview with Mark Breyer of Covalent about the BSD license, though.