Oops, out

Due to a DNS change, shiningsilence.com was down for a while last night. Sorry about the lack of news!

Speaking of outages, this system will be down during the day on Monday, the 11th, because of an electrical system upgrade.

Journaling works!

Matthew Dillon sent out notice of his recent journaling work, which now actually works for mirroring a partition. He sent another update, with more details.

For those readers who didn’t read the original description of journaling, this is different than the usual “fast reboot” version of journaling that other operating systems have. This scheme is intended to allow for rollback to arbitrary spots in disk history, or mirroring of data to other drives or other network locations.

Port packages available

Most third-party software work for DragonFly seems to be happening with pkgsrc these days, but Andreas Hauser is still building packages for DragonFly using the FreeBSD ports system. Pick one of the libc.so.4 directories if you’re running 1.2, or libc.so.5 if you’re on the bleeding edge of DragonFly development.