Chris Pressey sent a recent announcement about the BSD Installer infrastructure, and changes thereto. I don't see web-accessible archives of the message, so I'll paste it here as an extended entry. (more…)
There is a preview of the next version of GNOME (2.12), found via Slashdot. Anyone compiling GNOME from CVS on DragonFly? It'd be interesting to know how compatible it is.
Sam Smith (I assume) wrote in a comment that his monthly BSD summaries for OnLAMP/BSD have become a blog, with June being the latest entry.
FreeBSD's been ported to the XBox, interestingly enough. It's more proof-of-concept right now - once networking works, it could be very useful.
Gregory Neil Shapiro just updated sendmail to 8.13.4, which means it runs natively on DragonFly. (It no longer assumes FreeBSD.) He posted a list of changes.
Matthew Dillon posted about the work he and others are doing to track down some elusive SMP bugs. Because of this work, the "preview" tag will be moved up soon.
The BSDNews website has undergone a cosmetic change. Content and layout appears to remain the same, however.
OnLAMP/BSD has a new (and long!) interview of Colin Percival, who discovered the cache security flaw in multicore chips. Colin primarily works on FreeBSD, but he very kindly sends alerts to DragonFly developers for issues that affect both code bases.
Chriss Pressey announced the 2005.0721 version of the BSD Installer. This version can partition disks and leave existing installed operating systems intact. Also, the entire session is saved in a repeatable script that doesn't even require the installer to run, similar to RedHat's Kickstart or other technologies. There's more changes, and a new upgrade feature that needs testing. Check the announcement for details.
Or rather, potentially no weekend update. A friend of mine is getting married this weekend, so news postings may be slow. I'll catch up early next week, if need be.