Andre Nathan posted a link to an interview of Matthew Dillon over at, with some good information on where DragonFly is headed in the short term.
KernelTrap has an interview of Timothy Miller, who is behind the Open Graphics Project, with the admirable goal of creating a video card that works well in 2D and 3D on open source platforms. Well, Linux, mostly, but my hope springs eternal for 4+ multihead 3D displays. Engineering samples are/will be available for anyone who wants to work on a DragonFly-specific driver. (thanks, BSDNews.) is up, where Sun is releasing a large quantity of code for Solaris. Neat! Solaris is based off of BSD4.1, if you look back far enough. Way, way far. (Thanks Slashdot.)
FreeBSD 4.11 has been released. This is probably the last release in the 4.x series, though it will be updated for some time yet with needed security fixes. The next DragonFly release is slated for before the USENIX Technical Conference in April, so there's an upgrade path available...
For some lazy weekend reading: the Cell architecture. The article's partially hypothetical, but interesting. If consumer-level PCs using this architecture were built, DragonFly would be a good fit.
So as to not conflict with other CVS repositories, the DragonFly repositories are going to change in name. Matt Dillon detailed it.
Anreas Hauser, with Simon 'corecode' Schubert, has managed to create a Xorg 6.8.1 port and package that does not the weak thread library problem. 'pkg_add -r' the package file he mentions in his post, and you'll be set.
As promised, DragonFly_Stable is just now matched up with the newest DragonFly source. It's a good time to update!
Matthew Dillon's planning to synchonize the stable DragonFly code with the newest code, since there's been so few problems lately. It'll happen tomorrow!