BSD Nov. and SMP

ONLamp/BSD has two new articles up. One is an interview with Scott Long of FreeBSD about FreeBSD 5’s SMP implementation – DragonFly is mentioned in contrast. The other is a report of November’s BSD news. Both seem a little late – November is no longer last month as mentioned in the article, and the interview places FreeBSD 5.3 in the future. I’m nitpicking, as they are both good articles.

Son of BSDInstaller

The BSD Installer mailing list has returned, but functional this time. Send email to “discussion-subscribe ‘at’ bsdinstaller ‘dot’ com”. (That address is munged, obviously.)

Update: I had the wrong address – it ends in .com. Should work…

EuroBSDCon 2004 ONLamp report has an article up about EuroBSDCon2004. The EuroBSDCon site has PDFs of (nearly) all the presentations, some of which are well worth the time to read.

Take some time to read Jordan Hubbard’s keynote (pdf) – Jordan was one of the original folks behind FreeBSD and is currently a mucky-muck at Apple. Dru Lavigne’s “But I am not a developer…how can I contribute to open source?” (pdf) is also worth a look, along with a large number of other more specific presentations.

If you see nothing else, look at this picture of Jordan Hubbard’s talk, and read the slide behind him. That’s right, folks: we are the mainstream, not the margin.