Scott Ullrich committed OpenSSH 3.8.1.p1 into the base system today. You will need to do a full makeworld/buildworld to upgrade. Incidentally, congratulations to Scott Ullrich on getting a 'commit bit', meaning he can now add code directly to the project. You may know Scott from his previous work on the Installer.
Jonas Sundstrom posted a link to a site about real dragonflies, noting they do not bite or sting. Alexander Leidinger also posted a link to a German site. (I will note I've been rammed in the head by dragonflies - that, you notice.)
Matthew Dillon has added NDIS support, enabling a variety of network cards on DragonFly. (This is also known as "Project Evil") He also added a README describing how to get a Windows driver working.
Matthew Dillon noted that a full make buildworld/kernel and installworld/kernel is needed on the next update, due to a number of changes he has made. If you haven't updated recently to catch the scheduler changes, you may want to do this in any case.
There were a few problems with the recent 802.11 commits; they appear fixed, but doing a make quickworld will probably not complete. Try a make buildworld on your next update, and it should sail through clearly.
Erik Paulsen Skaalerud now has daily snapshots of source and dfports available on his site. If you are setting up a new DragonFly install, this shortcuts having to update via CVSup.
Matthew Dillon's made a number of improvements to the booter code, so (re)installing a master boot record may help those having trouble with the basic boot system.
I've changed the front page of the DragonFly mailing lists archive. There's now a site-specific Google search, and the by-date listings are now linked on the front page.
Joerg Sonnenberger has committed the initial framework for 802.11 support. This means better support for those of us running wireless is coming soon, especially those with atheros-based cards.
In a conversation today on IRC, I ended up pointing at this PDF on Greg Lehey's site, which does a nice job of explaining in a not-overly technical manner why BSD Is Good. (There's also this reason, when comparing to Linux.) is going to be a bit slow for the next week - the network link is being worked on.
The userland scheduling patch I referred to earlier is now in the system. This is a good reason to upgrade/rebuild, because of the positive effect of system response.
Matthew Dillon posted a patch for the scheduler that seems to improve DragonFly's (already excellent) responsiveness. Normally, I don't post about code until it's in, but this can be helpful code for those willing to test it.