Bug’s Life

Jonas Sundstrom posted a link to a site about real dragonflies, noting they do not bite or sting. Alexander Leidinger also posted a link to a German site.

(I will note I’ve been rammed in the head by dragonflies – that, you notice.)

Buildworld is the only way

Matthew Dillon noted that a full make buildworld/kernel and installworld/kernel is needed on the next update, due to a number of changes he has made.

If you haven’t updated recently to catch the scheduler changes, you may want to do this in any case.

Why BSD?

In a conversation today on IRC, I ended up pointing at this PDF on Greg Lehey’s site, which does a nice job of explaining in a not-overly technical manner why BSD Is Good. (There’s also this reason, when comparing to Linux.)

Scheduler speedup

Matthew Dillon posted a patch for the scheduler that seems to improve DragonFly’s (already excellent) responsiveness. Normally, I don’t post about code until it’s in, but this can be helpful code for those willing to test it.