BSDNow 062: Gift from the Sun

BSDNow 062 has an interview of Pawel Jakub Dawidek, and he talks about the Sun Microsystems-originated technologies found in FreeBSD.  You figured that out already from the title, didn’t you?

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Two more network options

If you’ve got a USB Ethernet device on DragonFly, it should work.  Also, some cell phones tether correctly now, when they may have had trouble before.

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DragonFly 4.0 status

The release candidate for DragonFly 4.0 came out last week, and normally the release would happen after a week.  There’s still a few people reporting an odd freeze, so until we can find a cause, we’ll continue to wait.

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Chrome on DragonFly

Chrome runs on DragonFly now, apparently possible now because of this ported fix from Joris Giovannangeli.

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Lazy Reading for 2014/11/02

Short this week because of the amount of time I was at work, but what I have is good.

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In Other BSDs for 2014/11/01

Hardly any source commits to point at this week, but there’s still lots of stuff happening in BSD-land.

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More DragonFly as a desktop

If you can read French, or can translate, here’s an article covering the use of DragonFly as a desktop system.

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BSDTalk 246: tor

BSDTalk 246 is available, and has 19 minutes of conversation about TOR, though I haven’t heard it yet to be sure.

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BSDNow 061: IPSECondwind

As you may be able to guess, BSDNow episode 061 has an interview with John-Mark Gurney about updating FreeBSD’s IPSEC setup, along with the normal collection of news items.  There’s also a link to a new BSD-switching blog, and “mailing list gold”.

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dports for DragonFly 4.0

Despite my complete lack of good planning, John Marino and Francois Tigeot have packages available for the DragonFly 4.0 release candidate that I assembled.  Point at this directory to use them.

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DragonFly DRM1 drivers dropped

As Francois Tigeot has pointed out, recent Mesa upgrades have made very old graphics drivers using DRM1 no longer work.  They’ve been removed.  This won’t affect you unless your graphics card is 10+ years old.

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For DragonFly/nginx users

If you are running DragonFly, and also using nginx, the so_reuseport option will give you a significant speed boost.  I’ve mentioned it before, but not this directly.

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DragonFly 4.0.0-RC out

Your local mirror should have a copy of the release candidate for DragonFly 4.0.0 by now.  Please try it out and report problems.  Note that this is a x86_64 only version; there’s no i386 version though you may be able to manually build on i386.

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Lazy Reading for 2014/10/26

Lots of light topic links this week.

Your unrelated animation of the week: Karateka.  I remember discovering this, and laughing and laughing…

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In Other BSDs for 2014/10/25

This week I was on top of the whole linking thing.

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BSDNow 060: Don’t Buy a Router

BSDNow episode 060 bypasses the pun and just commands you to obey.  At least, I don’t know the reference if there is one.  Anyway, there’s an interview of Olivier Cochard-Labbé of the BSD Router Project, along with the usual array of news.

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Clang support in DragonFly

It’s been possible to install and run clang on DragonFly for a long time, of course, and at least build world with it.  However, John Marino is putting in significant work to make clang one of the system compilers, replacing the older gcc44 that’s in DragonFly now.  (The newer gcc47 stays.)  This won’t be part of the next release, but it should be available soon after.

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For the next DragonFly release

I noted the last few things that should be committed before the DragonFly release.  People have spoken up for most of them, but it wouldn’t hurt to try recent -master with the upmap/kpmap work that recently went in.  Benchmarks wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

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led(4) for you and me

Sascha Wildner brought in led(4) from FreeBSD.  It’s a driver for flashing LEDs, as you might have guessed.  I’d like to see someone make Blinkenlights, whether BeBox-style or just generally mysterious.

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Lazy Reading for 2014/10/19

Writing this now, and hoping I’ll get the server apart and back together fast enough nobody notices.

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Site downtime

The machine this site runs on just had a fan die, so somewhere in the next 24 hours, I’m going to be installing a new fan, and a new hard drive while I’m at it.  Expect a few hours of downtime as I rebuild both hardware and software.

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In Other BSDs for 2014/10/18

Done at the last minute, like always, but surprisingly extensive this week:

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/dev/upmap and /dev/kpmap added

Matthew Dillon has added /dev/upmap and /dev/kpmap to DragonFly in two commits.  (er, three.)  It’s an optimization of some sort, and it is unfortunately over my head.  Please, someone comment in a way that fills it in.  I’m tired.

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BSDNow: Behind the Masq and something else

Because I missed last week, there’s two BSDNow episodes to catch (assuming you are using me as notification for new ones.)  Episode 58, Behind the Masq, has an interview with Matt Ranney and George Kolaand, and a tutorial that includes DNSMasq, for the title source.  Episode 59, the title of which I can’t reprint accurately, has an interview with Hiroki Sato and the usual number of articles.

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EuroBSDCon, XDC 2014, and DragonFly

Francois Tigeot gave talks at EuroBSDCon and XDC 2014, and he’s posted slide and video links.  He covers DragonFly and Postgres and video drivers, or at least I assume so cause I haven’t watched them yet.  There’s other BSD-specific material available too, according to his post.

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Out of base, into dports

John Marino updated wpa_supplicant (in dports).  He then suggested moving it out of base into dports, so that it could be updated independently of the base system.  (this update, for instance, took years.)   Since wpa_supplicant is necessary to get some systems online – and it can’t be installed if missing if you don’t have a network link – it may be too risky.  I think other packages could be moved out, myself.

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OpenSSH update and incompatibility

Robin Hahling volunteered to update OpenSSH in DragonFly, which is good news.  It’s a jump from version 6.1 to 6.7, so there’s some feature changes.  tcpwrappers support is gone, for instance.  If you have a reason to object to this change, speak up now.

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Pile of point upgrades

John Marino has upgraded gcc, libedit, xz, and grep in DragonFly.  Also, tzdata has jumped from version 2014e to 2014h, thanks to Sascha Wildner.

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Lazy Reading for 2014/10/12


A talking car dashboard from the 1980s.

Argos Catalogs.  Count how many of the pictured items have been absorbed by cell phones.  (via)

Features are Faults.

King of click.  More Model M stories.

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A few quiet days

Quiet for you, the reader, at least.  My schedule is irregular because of work over the next few days – including the weekend – so regular posting may not resume until next week.  Sorry!

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Argh, https

For some reason, OpenSSL-using command line clients – but not any browsers – are choking on the RSS feed for this site when fetched via https.  So, the site no longer defaults to https.  It’s still available if you want to use it, and I’ll work on fixing the setup.

The way to see it is:

openssl s_client -connect

You will notice an error in the output like this:

672060044:error:140790E5:SSL routines:SSL23_WRITE:ssl handshake failure:/usr/src/secure/lib/libssl/../../../crypto/openssl/ssl/s23_lib.c:184:

There’s lots of references to errors like this out there – many different, some for bugs long fixed.  I daresay it’s a configuration screwup I haven’t figured out yet; I’ve noticed that adding -tls1 or -no_tls1 or -ssl2 or -ssl3 to the above command makes the problem go away.


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Lazy Reading for 2014/10/05

I spent a good chunk of this weekend at work for various reasons, so it’s a slightly less long list.  On the plus side, I know a bit more about setting up fiber links now.

Your unrelated image of the week:

I’m getting a new pet tomorrow.

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In Other BSDs for 2014/10/04


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RSS feed issues

Since the switch to https here, the RSS feed has been having trouble, as several people reported.  I haven’t had time to look into it much so far.  Though I suppose it’s only likely that you are reading this if you are unaffected by it.

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BSDNow 057: The Daemon’s Apprentice

This week’s BSDNow has an interview about mentoring with Steve Wills of FreeBSD, the usual array of news.  This week has more small device news than normal – NetBSD on Raspberry Pi and pfSense on a mini-ITX system.  And a mention of my desktop article!  I’m relevant!

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Powersaving tips

The powersaving page on has seen a bunch of updates; this should be handy even if you aren’t on battery power that often.

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BSDTalk 245: Moving and home

BSDTalk 245 is up, with 7 minutes from Will Backman, the host.  He’s setting up new storage for the (long!) history of BSDTalk podcasts, and he asks what people are using for ~ on the Internet.

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NYCBUG meeting tonight

At least, I assume NYCBUG’s meeting is tonight.  It’s at BXL Cafe, and you can see the details in the announcement email.  No RSVP required this time, because it’s a bar, so perhaps all you need is a liver.

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UDP improvements

Sepherosa Ziehau’s recent changes to UDP in DragonFly mention some performance gains to sheer packet count.

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Markus Pfeiffer has imported FreeBSD’s if_lagg to DragonFly.  It’s for talking LACP over multiple network ports, so that the traffic from those multiple ports can be aggregated – if what’s on the other end generally understands LACP.  (Failover mode may not count.)  Please test if you have that sort of surfeit of network ports.

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Freeze for pkgsrc-2014Q3 extended

There’s a few more days of freeze for the pkgsrc-2014Q3 release of pkgsrc.  Normally I’d save this for the weekend In Other BSDs, but that’d be too late.

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Lazy Reading for 2014/09/28

I have an excellent mix of links this week, I think.  I like to have multiple links on multiple topics.

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In Other BSDs for 2014/09/27

Not even trying source links this week; there’s plenty else to link.

Update: EuroBSDCon is livestreaming!  (via)

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https, here

I had a reminder in my calendar to do it tonight, and thanks to your suggestions, I have a ‘real’ SSL certificate installed.  If you want to browse the Digest using https, go for it.

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BSDNow 056: Beastly Infrastructure

I normally post these on Thursday night, but I didn’t see it in my RSS feed.  I think this one feed is behind.  In any case, Episode 056 is a lengthy interview with Peter Wemm about the FreeBSD project infrastructure.  Allan and Kris are at EuroBSDCon, so I expect there will be some European BSD people getting interviewed in upcoming episodes.

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Bash vulnerability; check your dports

There’s a new bash vulnerability that could be a problem for a network-facing machine that happens to use bash.  (See here for test.)  As a BSD user, you can feel somewhat smugly superior since the default shell is tcsh and therefore it may not affect you – unless you’ve installed it from dports.

John Marino has already updated dports.  A new binary is forthcoming, though you can always rebuild by hand if you don’t want to wait.

Update: oh, wait, not done.

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Congratulations, Matthew Dillon!

Matthew Dillon hasn’t committed anything to DragonFly in several days… cause he just got married!  Congratulations to the newly married couple.

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Lazy Reading for 2014/09/21

Lots of links this week.


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In Other BSDs for 2014/09/20

Low on the source links this week, but there’s plenty else.

Update: from talk@nycbug, George Rosamond gives a nice APU setup summary.

DragonFly as a desktop

There’s been so much work in DragonFly recently that makes a desktop easier (i915 support, dports, and so on), that I decided to resurrect an older Dell machine and use it as my desktop.

The Dell that I’m using is a leftover from someone else’s workplace; it’s 7 years old, and has “only” 4G of RAM and a Core 2 DuoE6600  CPU in it.  It works, however.

Setting up DragonFly and installing xorg and so on is pretty straightforward.  Using dports makes it crazy quick to add all the packages.  I went for XFCE4 because I could.  Starting X gave me some trouble at first; the default config couldn’t find the mouse and would eventually crash.

Running ‘X -configure’ created a xorg.conf file I could edit, and these lines in /etc/rc.conf gave me a working mouse:


The crashing problem with my radeon-driven video card was fixed by turning off the acceleration – uncommenting this line in xorg.conf did it:

Option     "NoAccel"

Video performance isn’t as nice as I would like it with acceleration, but this is an older machine anyway.

I couldn’t get sound working. Francois Tigeot has a branch of DragonFly that contains newer sound drivers brought over from FreeBSD, here:

git:// (pcm_2014_september branch.)

It doesn’t support device cloning, so I can run Youtube videos and XMMS, but not audio from both at the same time.  (for instance; not that you’d want to do this other than by accident)

I installed x11/webfonts, and web pages look a bit better after changing my default font preferences.

And… that’s about it.  It’s a working desktop.  Digging up a half-height video card that has working acceleration is a next step, but I can’t imagine that’ll be expensive.  I wish I had done this a long time ago.

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BSDNow 055: The Promised WLAN

BSDNow 055 has the normal news items, and an interview with Adrian Chadd, who has dome a lot of work on FreeBSD network device drivers (and some coordination with DragonFly, too, thank you Adrian), plus a lengthy news roundup.

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Backlight on a laptop

Markus Pfeiffer has made it possible to control your laptop’s backlight using ACPI – if you have a i915 chipset and DragonFly.  xbacklight does not work, but setting does.


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Certificate opinions

I need to get a legit certificate for this domain.  I’ve never done serious https cert shopping – who has, and what’s your opinion of the vendors?  (“Not Network Solutions” I can already guess).

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Lazy Reading for 2014/09/14

I didn’t even notice, because this has been a difficult week for me, but I’ve hit over 6,000 posts on the Digest. I passed the 11-year mark too, a few weeks ago.

Your unrelated video of the week: Tea Making Tips, from England in 1941.  This 60-year-old WW2-era film is actually one of the better how-to-deal-with-tea guides I’ve ever seen. (via)

In Other Linuxes for 2014/09/13

I’m doing this little extra feature because I ran into several news items over the past week or so that made me say “what the hell?” out loud to my monitor.

Fedora To Get a New Partition Manager.  All?  Almost all? Linux distributions use gparted, which is open source and can be updated.  Why not add to that?  Also, it’s yet another preannouncement about how this new replacement tool will work – it’s not functional yet.

Text streams should be the fallback interface in Unix.  Every 2 or 3 years someone gets this idea in some form – somehow it doesn’t overcome 40+ years of text usage.

Revisiting How We Put Together Linux Systems.  Nobody can find fault with ideas like easier package management and signing.  (Though maybe having the same upgrade mechanism for base + 3rd party software isn’t a good idea)  However. this answer, coming from part of the group behind systemd, ties all software installation into having a btrfs volume – even requiring a virtual btrfs volume if there isn’t one installed.  Incompatible software versions are dealt with by turning /usr into a sort of container.  That kills any sort of need to interoperate with other software.  And of course it assumes there is no Unix but Linux.  (via)

Grump grump grump.

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In Other BSDs for 2014/09/13

This has been a very hectic week for me, but I still have links for you.

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Lumina for DragonFly

In a bit of perfect timing, PC-BSD’s desktop environment, Lumina, has been ported to DragonFly, thanks to mneumann!  It’s not in dports yet, but it should be buildable from source…

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BSDNow 054: Luminary Environment

BSDNow 054 has an interview with Ken Moore of PC-BSD about the just-released-as-a-port Lumina desktop environment, along with a slew of news items and a Lumina walkthrough.

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A domain name change

The Digest is now located at (or if you are really into typing).  Everything else should be generally the same, and old links still work.  I’m only 8 or 9 years late in getting a real domain name attached…

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systat gains -altq display

You can now see the packets, bytes, and drops in altq by using the -altq arg to systat, thanks to this recent commit from Matthew Dillon.

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Lazy Reading for 2014/09/07

I finished almost this entire thing just on September 1st.  I blame school season restarting.  Speaking of which, O’Reilly’s running a 50% off ebooks sale.

Your unrelated link of the week: the final answer on how to say GIF .  (video source – watch the outtakes, too.)

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In Other BSDs for 2014/09/06

Why is it so warm out?  I want autumn to start.

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UDP improvements for DragonFly

This very long commit message from Sepherosa Ziehau details the UDP changes he’s made.  It’s mostly technical details, but at the end he mentions this little tidbit:

“For ‘kq_connect_client -u’ test, this commit gives 400% performance improvement (31Kconns/s -> 160Kconns/s).”

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DragonFly pf/altq/fairq users tip

If you are on DragonFly, using pf, using altq, and using fairq to control usage, there’s a latency bug that Matthew Dillon recently fixed.  He’s posted an announcement and committed fixes to master and 3.8, so it’s only an upgrade away.

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BSDNow 053: It’s HAMMER Time

Not the first time that pun has been deployed, of course, but: BSDNow 053 has a Hammer tutorial, along with an interview of Reyk Floeter about OpenBSD’s httpd, along with the usual recent news and some links to some things I haven’t seen, like pfSense tricks.


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Haswell graphics and port support

Thanks to Francois Tigeot, the drm/i915 driver now supports Haswell processors, and the special FDI and DDI ports they use.  I am late posting this.

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An easier moused start

You can now start moused with an argument, so it will look at the right device.  In most cases, I imagine “/etc/rc.d/moused start ums0” will be what anyone wants.  Credit to Michael Neumann for the update.  Perhaps moused_flags="ums0" will do it too?  I haven’t tried yet.

This will overwrite your /etc/devd.conf.

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Mach64 users needed

If you are using the ATI Mach64 drm driver on DragonFly, Francois Tigeot would like to know.  He’s done something that breaks it, but he’s making the educated guess that this more-than-10-years-old card is no longer in use.

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Full rebuild needed

Because of some structure changes made by Matthew Dillon while chasing a pf bug, you will need to do a full buildworld/buildkernel on your next update – if you are running DragonFly-master.  3.8 users are unaffected by the bug or the change.

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What new server should I buy?

The server that hosts is getting old, and it’s time for me to go to 64-bit DragonFly.  It’s audience opinion time: what have you purchased lately, and liked?  What would you suggest?

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Lazy Reading for 2014/08/31

A relatively trim list for the holiday weekend.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: “Horse.”  One of my favorite single panels of all time.

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In Other BSDs for 2014/08/30

I went from 1 link to lots all in one night.

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Special procedure to update pkg 1.3.6

It seems pkg 1.3.6 was slightly scrambled.  If you happen to have built and installed it, John Marino has special instructions on how to update to 1.3.7.  If you are on DragonFly 3.8, you can follow those instructions now, and if you are on 3.9, that repo should be ready for an update in the next few days.

BSDTalk 244: Ken Moore and Lumina

BSDTalk 244 is 28 minutes of conversation with Ken Moore about Lumina, the new BSD-specific desktop environment for PC-BSD.  I’ve been watching the PC-BSD source updates, and there’s a lot of activity.

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BSDNow 052: Reverse Takeover

It’s not about taxes, but reverse SSH tunnels.  Episode 052 is also an interview with Shawn Webb about ASLR in FreeBSD, along with the normal commentary and news.

They also catch BIND’s removal in FreeBSD and OpenBSD, but not in DragonFly, which I just realized I should have linked before.

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Oops, had some cleanup to do

I ended up with this server rebooting as we were affected by Time Warner’s giant outage.  In the process of rebooting, I found I must have done an upgrade and forgotten to reboot to make sure everything still worked, as mod_php had disappeared and mysql decided it didn’t want to work.  Things appear to be OK now…

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New kernel and new target

You should perform a full world and kernel install if on master.

Several people (including me) have been getting bit by a problem: when performing an installworld with a changed kernel, the vn kernel module is loaded, but it was built by the previous kernel and may cause problems when it doesn’t match up.

To fix that, vn is now built in, instead of being a separate module.  The rescue initrd (which is what is being mounted when it has this problem) is now installed via a ‘make rescue‘ command that can wait until a successful installworld and reboot.

Lazy Reading for 2014/08/24

I hope you like your links eclectic!

Your unrelated comics link of the week: John Pound, one of the original Garbage Pail Kids artists, nowadays creates his art by coding it – mostly by writing out Postscript.  He doesn’t draw sketchbooks – he generates them.  (via)

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In Other BSDs for 2014/08/23

Another long list.  These are making my Friday nights take some extra effort.

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Acer Chromebook c720p support

If you remember the earlier work to support DragonFly on An Acer c720 Chromebook, it’s been repeated for the c720p.  The “p” means it’s a touchscreen.

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