Don’t forget about gcc3!

Hiten Pandya noted that, if you are creating a port override in dfports, setting CCVER=gcc3 and testing your override using the different compiler is a good idea. He’s found a few ports where poeple didn’t do that and the build was broken.

Saving crash dumps

Sascha Wildner described in a post to dragonfly.bugs,


placed in /etc/rc.conf will enable your system to save crash dumps in /var/crash, saving the effort of retyping them in a post. (“makeoptions DEBUG=-g” in your kernel config is also needed.)

NVIDIA breakage

The latest dev numbering changes from Matt Dillon will break the NVIDIA binary driver, if you are using it. Emiel Kollof is working on a new version, and until that’s set, avoid updating if you want to keep your NVIDIA driver working.

bktr, gdb updtd

Joerg Sonnenberger has updated the bktr(4) driver to match what’s current in FreeBSD, including a new msp driver (from Linux), and support for the Terratec TValue, which was submitted by Patrick Mauritz.

cc3 has been switched back to stabs output, temporarily until DWARF2 support comes into gdb5 or DragonFly gets gdb6.

Update, reboot, fsck

Matt Dillon’s tracked down a nasty filesystem corruption bug in the lockf code; everyone should update, rebuild, reboot, and do a fsck to make sure your disk is intact.