3 Replies to “Which switch?”

  1. I like IOGear KVM switches myself. I have one here that I’m using with FreeBSD 6.0 and WindowsXP. At work I have one that I’m using with WindowsXP and DragonFlyBSD. It works fantastically. They’re both PS/2 KVM’s though. No USB.

  2. I’ve been using one of the many generic PS/2->USB bridge designs (PS/2 in, USB out) on the market with few quirks.* I’ve noticed one flavor of same is now available at Wal-Marts for around $20, so if you just need to flip 2 consoles around it might be a quick-and-cheap option.

    *The quirks with mine have been occasional ‘stuck key’ issues using a real Model M, and some apparent incompatibility using an optical Intellimouse with a USB-to-PS/2 adapter, both using a rather old FreeBSD 5.2. Not sure how much of that’s software vs. hardware, so YMMV.

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