Release styles

According to Matt Dillon, DragonFly will skip the multiple branch style of FreeBSD (STABLE, CURRENT branches) and tag the single main branch, slipping as needed for security fixes.


Aaaand it’s done – rebuilding your system with current sources will give you a uname that reports “DragonFly”. Through some trickery, most ports are apparently not broken by this.

Name breakage

Matt Dillon’s bringing in the ‘DragonFly’ name to replace ‘FreeBSD’ in the source, which may break a number of things over the next few days, including all ports.

Light reading

Joshua Coombs asked about good books for BSD kernel/network programming. Jeroen Ruigrok listed: “The Design and Implementation of 4.4BSD”, “Unix Internals: The New Frontiers”, and “The Design of the Unix Operating System”.


From Joshua Coombs:

          _  _
 _________|  |_________
(_________\  /_________)
(_________/  \_________)
       __/|  |\__
          |  |

Slow going

We had some power outages/surges here because of a windstorm, and my UPS didn’t handle it well, along with other local network equipment. So, I’ll be slow with news posts until I get my internal network in better working order.

MBWTest added

I’ll quote Matt Dillon’s entry cause I’m working late:

” The MBWTest program (/tmp/mbw1) attempts to figure out the L1 and L2 cache sizes and measures L1, L2, and non-cached linear memory bandwidth.”

Matt Dillon’s schedule

This week Matt Dillon is doing:

  • lwkt_token and IPI code optimization
  • GCC 3.x (just for support of the next item)
  • 64 bit AMD64 support
… and networking code with Jeff Hsu.

For those of you late to the party and wondering why his work schedule is spotlighted, Matt Dillon is the originator of the DragonFly project, and is doing much heavy lifting.

FreeBSD-5 boot

Matt Dillon’s added boot code from FreeBSD 5 – this allows AMD64 and ELF64 support. He also pushed in new linker code and some (not yet enabled) support for UFS2.

Use installkernel and installworld as part of your build process, and you should be fine with these changes. However, you will manually have to copy /usr/src/sys/boot/i386/loader/loader.rc to /boot.

There’s been a lot of new code lately – that’s good!


Jeroen Ruigrok supplied these links about patent issues with Cisco’s VRRP during a thread about importing OpenBSD’s CARP as part of pf.