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  • Lazy Reading for 2020/03/01

    Tab-clearing links! Have You Played… SimCity 2000?  Not really about the game, but the music involuntarily associated with it.  Elektra:Assassin and MARRS is the same for me. Prosthetic synthesizer.  (via) Cable standards history.  More interesting than I make it sound! Kermit, a history.  Not just a summary; the source documents.  (via) Old CSS, new CSS.  […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2019/11/03

    I still feel bad about missing a week, even though that’s a self-imposed requirement.  In penance, here’s a linkdump. Cabinet Magazine is blogging and it’s wonderful in a way I haven’t seen in a long time. First, do no harm… with this software.  The Hippocratic License.  (via) BBC BASIC on Twitter.  (via) Conceptronica.  (via) Software […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2019/01/27

    Sorta unofficial retro game theme this week. Ascending NetHack by breaking the RNG. (via) “This is an archive of the source code for various versions of the QED editor.” A Git archive with commit dates that predate the creation of Git, cause QED dates to pre-UNIX. (also via) aphelia: A light, single-file, minimalist window manager […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2019/01/20

    One advantage of having a link ‘backlog’ is that I can pick and choose a bit, to present grouped items. LiteCLI: A user-friendly command line client for SQLite. (via) A holiday gift woodworking project using Clojure. (via) 2019 IGF nominees: something notable. 2019 IGF nominees: mixed reactions. 2019 IGF nominees: my favorites. Privacy Engineer job […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2018/01/14

    This is almost all link overflow from last week – and next week’s edition is almost complete.  There’s a lot to read lately! drill if you can, dig if you have to, nslookup if you must.  (also via) Free-Net history.  I grew up with Buffalo Free Net. Xerox Alto zero-day: cracking disk password protection on […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2017/09/10

    Whee! Save 418.  (Thanks, Tim Darby) this code very fast.  (via) An early (earliest?) Choose Your Own Adventure book.  (via) books chapter eleven The Zork CPU.  The software engine turned into silicon.  Can that be done for SCUMM?  Does that even make sense?  (via) An Introduction to Managing Secrets Safely with Version Control Systems.  (also […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2017/08/06

    You may be able to detect a subtle bias based on my early design education, this week. Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures.  (via) 9 great mechanical keyboards for coders.  Never thought I’d see a HP Enterprise site referencing Axe Cop…  (via) A Sublime-like minimap for console vim.  (via) “Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate”: A […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2017/04/23

    Eclectic!  I cover everything this week: computer history, modern pessimistic computing, odd hardware, strange software stories, comics, and tea. Tmux and Vim – better together.  (via) Free Fonts Are Getting Better, But What Does That Mean?   Destruction of value! vuln disclosure and risk equilibrium. How Google eats a business whole.  Google’s Featured Snippets are often […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2017/03/05

    A little meta, this week. Why Nothing Works Anymore.  Occam’s Razor applies; most people undervalue design vs. cost.  (via) I miss Delphi There’s more than one way to kill a Unix process Sniffing out Unix processes using pgrep cloudbleed hero graphics.  You know what Cloudbleed is, correct?  It’s hard to illustrate, is what it is. […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2017/01/22

    Thinkpieces, this week. The Magic Arrow: A talk about the SIP2 protocol and the purpose of REST. Testing LLVM git apply –palimpsest=3 –rewind-sprocket 25 useful web developer tools.  Not clickbait as you’d expect. FAP80, A retro computer without the retro baggage.  (via) Modern propaganda is distraction, not argument.  (PDF, via) Ransomware takes a nasty turn […]

  • Lazy Reading for 2017/01/08

    I hope you have lots of time to read today. SpaceVim – Like Spacemacs, but for Vim.  A Vim … distribution?  (via) Mid-century modern electronics.  (via) Open Source Won. So, Now What?  (via) A Historical Geography of RPG Playing 2016 year-end link clearance.  Going down the rabbit hole of links to links. Data formats of […]