Lazy Reading for 2020/01/19

No theme, just lots of links.

Lazy Reading for 2020/01/12

Accidental themes this week: keyboards and game remakes.

Lazy Reading for 2020/01/05

I very nearly scheduled this to January 01, 2019.  And then fixed it for the right year but not the day, so you may have seen an early draft of this.  Oops; it’s here now.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Cankor.  (click on preview button)  I saw Cankor pages years ago; it’s disturbing in a good way.

Lazy Reading for 2019/12/29

There’s several accidental themes fighting it out this week.

Your unrelated music link of the week: Cosey Fanni Tutti ?– Tutti.  Found via Ted Gioia’s Best 100 Albums of 2019, which was discovered via Conversations with Tyler.  There, now you definitely have enough to listen to until 2020.

Lazy Reading for 2019/12/22

Accidental theme this week: roguelikes!  Maybe with me that’s not so accidental.

Lazy Reading for 2019/12/15

Some deep dives here; take your time today.

Lazy Reading for 2019/12/08

Accidental theme this week: terminals.

Your odd pile of GIFs for the week: more Jan Svankmajer animations than I’ve ever seen in one place.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2019/12/01

I’m going with high-concept material this week.  If you have time for some thinking today, you’ll enjoy the links.


Lazy Reading for 2019/11/24

Small computers is the accidental theme this week.


Lazy Reading for 2019/11/17

Happy birthday to my father, today.

Your unrelated music link of the week: The Wyrding Module: Typhonic Neural Tantra.  (via multiple places)

Lazy Reading for 2019/11/10

Covering lots of ground this week.

Your unrelated music link of the week: Orodruin: Ruins Of Eternity.  Tolkien-ish doom metal.

Lazy Reading for 2019/11/03

I still feel bad about missing a week, even though that’s a self-imposed requirement.  In penance, here’s a linkdump.

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/20

Lots of variety this week; I’m happy with this link batch.

Your unrelated music of the week: The Mysterious Professor 950’s Otherworldly Beat Tapes.

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/13

A mix of complaints, history, and odd technical items.  The usual!

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/06

Pre-posted in advance cause once again working through the weekend.

Your unrelated video link of the week: Scratch.  I saw this in the theater a while ago, and I didn’t realize the whole thing was on Youtube.  It’s turntablism at its peak.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2019/09/29

You may be able to tell one of my link sources changed RSS feeds, so I had some catchup to do this week.

Lazy Reading for 2019/09/22

Lots of link diversity this week.

Lazy Reading for 2019/09/15

Way eclectic this week.  Enjoy!  I will be working, as I haven’t had a day off in 3 weeks – but don’t be too sorry for me, I chose this.  The magic of pre-scheduling posts fixes it.

Your unrelated music post: The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: August 2019.

Lazy Reading for 2019/09/08

This week is a nice mix between useful and entertaining.

Lazy Reading for 2019/09/01

I am starting to think I need an Apple ][ tag.