GSoC: Midterms!

The Google Summer of Code midterms are almost upon us.  Starting July 6th (that’s next Monday), students and mentors will need to fill out a survey detailing how the project is going.  There’s a preliminary version at Google Docs, so you know what to expect when they go up on the GSoC site.  They will have to be completed by the 13th.

If you’re a student: make sure you have code that shows progress.  If you’re behind schedule, cram.

If you’re a mentor: make sure you are aware of your student’s progress.  If the student’s behind schedule, help them cram.

GSoC 2009: so far for devfs and AMD64

Alex Hornung posted a summary of how his work on devfs is going, and Jordan Gordeev posted a summary of how much AMD64 is functional.

If you want to try either one (warning: many parts still broken!), use a vkernel for the devfs so a physical system doesn’t get broken.  There’s build instructions for pulling together AMD64 DragonFly.

Update: manual instructions for AMD64, too.

Summer of Code accepted students

There’s 5 slots for DragonFly in Summer of Code for 2009, and the students in those slots are listed below.  We had some very good applications; more than we had room for and higher quality than last year.  If you did not get in, please consider working independently.

Student: Alexander Hornung
Project: DevFS for DragonFly BSD
Mentor: joe talbott

Student: Dan Chis
Project: Support debugging of multi-threaded applications
Mentor: schubert simon

Student: robert luciani
Project: Profile kernel contention on MP systems
Mentor: Samuel Greear

Student: Jordan Gordeev
Project: Finish amd64 port of DragonFly
Mentor: Matthew Dillon

Student: efstathios kamperis
Project: C99/POSIX Conformance Audit
Mentor: hasso tepper

(announcement here)

A Summer of Code reminder: subscribe

If you’re a student with a Summer of Code application, make sure to subscribe to it. Doing this will ensure you are automatically notified of any mentor requests for more information.

There’s also some recent stats published by Google on the applications so far; DragonFly is one of the surveyed orgs it mentions, and the results are the same – less applications, better quality.

Summer of Code proposals in

The due date for the Summer of Code proposals is past, and DragonFly has 18 proposals.    The consensus from other SoC organizations is the same: less applicants everywhere this year, but the proposal quality is up.

Potential mentors can now discuss the proposals and ask for more detail from the students, until April 15th.

Student applications due very soon

19:00 UTC today is the deadline for all student applications for Google’s Summer of Code program.  You can revise applications up to April 15th based on feedback, but the initial proposal has to be in the system as of tonight.  That’s 5 hours from now, if I have my time calculations correct.

DragonFly has 15 applications at this point, and general application quality looks to be better this year than last.