Category: Goings-on

  • DragonFly as a KVM guest

    There’s a new page on the DragonFly site covering how to install DragonFly as a guest system under KVM.

  • pkg and Meta v1 support

    If you run pkg on DragonFly and get a warning about “Meta v1 support ending”, it’s only a warning.  It will go away on its own.

  • A reminder on X

    I know I’ll need this again, so I am making a post out of it.  If you are running a DragonFly system through NVMM using the excellent site instructions, and you want X apps to display on a local Windows workstation, you need to: Install VcXsrv (or your X server of choice) on Windows and […]

  • SEMIBUG, databases, tonight

    SEMIBUG’s meeting tonight has Susan Hurst presenting on database implementation, via Jitsi.  7 PM Michigan time.

  • Syscalls, listed

    This is pretty esoteric, but all of DragonFly’s syscalls can be found in the links Aaron LI provided in this post.  There’s code in there that dates back to Berkley UNIX.

  • NYCBUG lunch reminder

    The NYCBUG lunch is today, 1-2 Eastern.

  • NVMM+QEMU+BIOS preferred

    There’s a reported bug with NVMM and QEMU if you boot a guest using UEFI.  Until it’s fixed, use BIOS.

  • Friday lunch

    NYCBUG is having another lunch meeting online, this Friday, 1-2 Eastern time.  RSVP on the NYCBUG talk@ list if you are going.

  • SEMIBUG: ZFS with Allan Jude, tonight

    SEMIBUG’s January talk is on ZFS with Allan Jude, and it’s tonight, 7 PM Detroit time.  There’s some AV-on-OpenBSD notes that go with it.

  • Firefox account signins

    If you have a newly installed Firefox on a newly installed DragonFly system, you might be unable to load your Firefox account on first load, like in this screenshot.  A workaround is to load your profile on a different machine and copy it over.   My guess is permissions for profile creation, but that’s just a […]

  • DragonFly 6.2.1 released!

    But wait, you say, what about 6.2.0?  I performed my biyearly tagging error and screwed up the 6.2.0 tag, so we’re releasing with 6.2.1.  On the plus side, this last minute redo let two bug fixes creep in that would have been in a later 6.2.1 anyway.  This will be your first chance to try […]

  • CBSD, DragonFly, and NVMM

    CBSD, the virtualization-management-on-FreeBSD tool could be made to support DragonFly and NVMM.  Here’s a tracking issue for it.

  • In Other BSDS for 2021/12/25

    Merry Christmas!  I am probably opening presents or poking my children to wake up and open presents hurry hurry, as you read this. helloSystem 0.7 is out. FreeBSD, Jails and SYSV IPC.  (via) FreeBSD: 2021 in Review: Advocacy. FreeBSD: 2021 in Review: Infrastructure Support. FreeBSD Foundation Q3 2021 Status Update.  Foundation, not Project. OpenVPN on […]

  • MakeUseOf DragonFly

    Longtime readers won’t be surprised by any of the content, but there’s a DragonFly overview at MakeUseOf.

  • SemiBUG meeting tonight

    It’s on Jitsi so you can totally attend.  The announcement also mentions the next three months of presentations and who’s coming in to present.  There’s some good (not necessarily BSD) content on the way.

  • NVMM, DragonFly, and bridging

    The NVMM DragonFly documentation now describes bridging.

  • Rebuilding samba

    If you are running bleeding-edge DragonFly _and_ installed the newest dports binary package build _and_ you are using Samba, you may need to update and rebuild.

  • Synproxy/pf note to save

    Linked here cause maybe it’ll help someone else with synproxy and pf in DragonFly: synproxy state doesn’t work in Packet Filter.

  • CBSD support for qemu/nvmm in DragonFly

    ifconfig(8) in DragonFly is gaining a description field, to ease porting of CBSD.

  • In Other BSDs for 2021/11/20

    Some history, some games. tmpfs-13, an experimental hellosystem build. Latest iortcw [Return to Castle: Wolfenstein] on OpenBSD. What every IT person needs to know about OpenBSD Part 3: That packet filter.  (via) FreeBSD Quarterly Report, 2021Q3. Installing and Operating 4.3BSD-tahoe UNIX on the VAX (1988).  (via) FreeBSD/Ubuntu Dual-boot testbed using Desktop Hardware.  (via) GhostBSD online […]