Getting emacs working

For those readers who follow the emacs religion: Andreas Fuchs found that the emacs build expects /usr/lib/crtbegin.o, which does not exist on DragonFly. Rahul Siddharthan removed the mention of crtbegin.o from the makefile for emacs, and that seems to fix it.

Updated: Hiten Pandya added a port override for emacs, made by Aaron Malone. That solves it.

Less jerky, more nice

Among other source changes today, Matt Dillon made a change to the way priority is set for new processes, which should fix what he calls the ‘jerky X pointer’ problem. He also fixed the systimer in such a way that nice now actually works. The result is that your DragonFly system should now be even more responsive under heavy load.

NFS Perfomance on Gigabit

Matt Dillon posted some numbers on performance of NFS over Gigabit Ethernet – using TCP, he was able to hit 80-something megabytes per second right off the bat, and saw nearly 90 using UDP. This improvement stems from Hiten Pandya’s work on the em driver and NFS block size changes.

Interface renaming complete

Hiten Pandya has finished the if_xname work; you can now do:

# ifconfig fxp0 name 'LAN'
# ifconfig fxp1 name 'WAN'

And then refer to these network interfaces by the ‘LAN’ and ‘WAN’ names. These are aliases, not changed names, so the original names – fxp0 and fxp1 in this example – will still exist.

I4B broke

Are you using I4B/sppp? Don’t upgrade, as it’s the one interface that doesn’t support Berkley Packet Filters (BPF) and is temporarily broken while Joerg Sonnenberger works on the networking API. Contact Joerg if you are so lucky as to be affected by this.