In Other BSDs for 2013/10/12

I got some PC-BSD items this week, too.

5 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2013/10/12”

  1. Microsoft was working with open source projects before – they try to improve support for their virtualization software. Nothing new here. IIRC, they already had several commits in FreeBSD before this one. Surely they did have several commits to Linux.

  2. Oh, I know there’s been Microsoft-sourced changes for this and other projects. It’s just a funny and unexpected thing to see in a commit message.

  3. Weren’t Microsoft the guys who allegedly put remote holes in BSDs? I could be bullshitting here, but there was something in the past. Van de Raad even stood up and said he did not think these holes made it into his OpenBSD. They also put that lame B00B1E5 Joke in the Linux kernel, wich only they ever cared about.

  4. ChaCha is a stream cypher, just as salsa20. It’s for video-stream encryption IIRC.

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