Refixing mptable problems

If you’re running the bleeding edge version of DragonFly, because Sepherosa Ziehau’s recent work makes it possible to boot systems that were previously bootable, you may need this sysctl trick loader tunable in loader.conf:

debug.acpi.enabled="pci pci_link"

How will you know that you need it?  The system will run strangely slow.  The command enables ACPI interrupt routing, which corrects for mptable problems.

pf staying at version 4.4 for the next release

pf in DragonFly 2.9 is currently equivalent to OpenBSD’s 4.4 version. This is probably what will be in the next release version of DragonFly, as Jan Lentfer, the man responsible for the rapid, recent pf upgrades, is a new father (again). Congratulations on the new daughter, Jan!

Lazy Reading for 2011/03/27

I’ve found enough good links I’m able to schedule this post ahead of time.  Yay!

Summer of Code: mentoring wait

The mentor signup page for Google Summer of Code 2011 as of this writing still says “We have temporarily disabled the creation of new requests and invites in preparation of the launch of the new UI for Melange later this week.”, as it has said since the 20th.

So, if you’re wanting to mentor, keep an eye on it.  I’ll send mentor requests to any of the names on my list of people that have already expressed interest, if I get to a working version of the page before you do…

Last-minute pkgsrc progress

As already mentioned on this Digest, the freeze for the next quarterly release of pkgsrc, pkgsrc-2011Q1, has started.  I’ve also completed several bulk builds of pkgsrc-2010Q4 and pkgsrc-current using DragonFly system with GCC 4.4.  Francois Tigeot has very kindly gone out of his way to get some of the (relatively few) broken packages listed in those builds to be fixed.