Another bus bites the dust: EISA is no more on DragonFly.  I don't know if there's even any system that DragonFly could boot on and would use this.  Still, remove your hats and enjoy a moment of silence.
The planned freeze is underway; so pkgsrc-2010Q4 should arrive soon.  How soon?  January 1st, if it's by the traditional schedule.
The latest(?) version of BSD Magazine is out.  Among other things, it has an intro to pkgsrc.  The site lists November 2010 for this issue, but it just showed up on the Twitter feed, so I'm not totally sure I have this right.  In any case, it's a free download.
Tim Bisson posted a note on the progress he and Pratyush have made on a virtio driver for DragonFly, ported from NetBSD.  This is for use in virtualized environments; his post links to graphs (yay!) that show the performance improvement over emulated IDE.  His note also links to the code and documentation.
As Matthew Dillon works on supporting his new 48-core system, he's written some notes on power usage and scheduling/drivers that may be worth a read.
Sepherosa Ziehau fixed a clock issue with the JMicron JMC250/JMC260 chipset, used with the jme(4) driver, and apparently JMicron helped out with hardware for testing this fix.  So, thanks, Sephe, and thanks, JMicron(buy their stuff)
Bleeding-edge DragonFly may suffer some instability issues; Matthew Dillon is making scheduler changes to accomodate larger numbers of CPUs.  On the other hand: yay, better performance!
Jan Lentfer's got the 4.4 version of pf ready for testing.  Filtering, queuing, redirection, NAT - all working.  It has to be built into your kernel, though that's all of 3 lines of work.  Download his branch and try it.
I never really noticed this before, but it's possible to include your own patchsets into pkgsrc and have them picked up as part of the build process, using $LOCALPATCHES.
Peter Avalos has updated zlib to version 1.25, and appears to have done some work with tnftp, though this is the only message I saw. Ironically, I get a "this site is using an unsupported form of compression" error when browsing to the zlib web site.