Alex Hornung has posted an elaborate summary of his I/O scheduler work, with details on usage.  He reports speed improvements under heavy load.  If this sounds interesting to you (and it should), it's possible to test his changes right now.
Venkatesh Srinivas's new sysctl, "debug.panic" is available for those who want to panic their machine on purpose, but don't have direct access to the keyboard.
Alex Hornung has been working on an I/O scheduler; he's made some graphs to show results so far.   They're plain, but pictures are always fun.
Thanks to work from Samuel J. Greear and Alex Hornung:
  1. Install Firefox (natively)
  2. libflashsupport and adobe-flash-plugin
  3. mount linprocfs
  4. null mount devfs within the linux system
There's occasional video and audio sync problems, but Johannes Hofmann has already found a fix.
This set of graphs that shows relationships within given languages on github shows some interesting relationships, and also happens to be very pretty. Would it be worth moving DragonFly to github for the additional services?  I'm not qualified to answer.
Alex Hornung has suggested replacing the existing bugtracker (Roundup) with a new one (Redmine).  His post about the changes is lengthy and links to a demo, so read on for details; I haven't had a chance to look at it in full, yet.
YONETANI Tomokazu has eliminated cvsup, replacing it with net/csup from pkgsrc. The README notes that the pkgsrc package devel/cvsync is another alternative if you need to retrieve the repository and not just the checked out files..
Matthew Dillon has implemented what he calls "REDO" records in Hammer, which reduce the amount of time taken flushing data to disk.  It'll be in the 2.6 release, but it isn't on by default. Jordan Gordeev's work on 64-bit vkernels has also been brought in, so virtual systems are now available for x86_64 users.
Steven Rosenberg, who I've linked to before, is trying BSD again.  The linked post is a "story of my install" format.
Based on a comment from John Merino on this very Digest, I managed to assemble some statistics on binary pkgsrc package use.  See my full post for the details, including some analysis.
Constantine Aleksandrovich Murenin posted his work on fan control, involving Winbond Super I/O Hardware Monitors.  He's had a series of commits up to this point, and this message nicely sums up the work done, including the presentations for it at BSDCan last year and AsiaBSDCon this year. Even if you aren't planning to adjust your system cooling, it's a surprisingly in-depth writeup, with more details available.
In an effort to catch up...

Stephane Russel was having trouble printing with OpenOffice and lpr on DragonFly.  He fixed it, and I'm linking to his explanation because someday, someone will have the same problem and be looking for the solution...