Hasso Tepper has updated libevent to 1.3e, the most recent non-beta version of this event loop monitoring system.   That description is probably not verbose enough.
Chris Turner has added in support for a -l option to vnconfig(8), listing configured vnode disks.  Note that this will require a full rebuild for those running bleeding-edge code.
Dru Lavigne saw that the BSDA exam is through 'beta' and ready to go - it will be offered at a number of conferences through 2008.
An experiment in Barcelona, last year, took a number of people with no coding experience but plenty of graphic design experience whatever and got them to modify a version of the old game Breakout. The results were quite interesting. You'll need Flash to see the video of the abstract results. (Via waxy) Why do I mention this? Open source systems tend to assume users are either very experienced or totally inexperienced. Looking for people who don't fit either of those categories is a much more useful goal, as it produces new methods and ways of looking at things.
An article on OpenAddict talks about managing multiple FreeBSD systems, though it could apply to most any BSD system, including DragonFly.  It boils down to "Share code via NFS.", really.  (Via FreeBSDOS)
The January issue of the Open Source Business Resource is out.  There's notes in there on some $300k (!) of grant money for Ontario, canada universities for open source projects looking to commercialize.  (Via Dru Lavigne)
This has nothing to do with BSD, really, but it's a live-action film by one of my favorite cartoonists, and it's excellent. View at Yooootube - embedding it gets mangled by this blog software.
Gerard van Essen found an appropriately titled page: EeeBSD, talking about running FreeBSD on an Eee PC. The issues appear the same for NetBSD and DragonFly - networking is the only real issue. Anyone familiar with my interest in small computers will realize I am this close to buying one of these little things.
Gerard van Essen, from the PC-BSD project, has started a blog called "FreeBSD - the unknown Giant".    It's news reporting, similar to this site, and it's updated regularly!  It makes me very happy to see resources like that in the BSD world.  (Via Dru Lavigne)
This is a very minor change, but almost everyone will use it, sooner or later: Matthias Schmidt has updated ls(1) for sorting (-t) by size (-S).