New utility: pkg_radd

Matthias Schmidt has committed Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert’s pkg_radd, a wrapper script that allows installation of pkgsrc binaries, even if there isn’t a local pkgsrc tree. Check the commit message for an explanation, or the script itself for the details. Note that this is a DragonFly-specific pkgsrc utility, meaning it doesn’t appear on any other pkgsrc platform.

dri/drm update time

Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert has done what we’ve been needing for a long time: an update for DRI/DRM. That’s 3D support in X Windows, for those who aren’t familiar with the acronyms. His note contains extensive instructions for testing this update; give it a whirl and report back so it can get in the tree.

NetBSD version of a vkernel, and OSS goes BSD

Astute reader “Yair K.” sent along links to two things:

There is work being done on a “user-mode NetBSD“, which sounds quite similar to DragonFly’s vkernel(7) system.

4Front Technologies has placed their Open Sound System (discussed previously) under a BSD license, removing what I think was the only obstacle to using it in DragonFly and other BSDs.  A press release is out, too.

New Basics book out

The Best of FreeBSD Basics is out now on Amazon and perhaps elsewhere, containing much (all?) of Dru Lavigne’s column of the same name from It says ‘FreeBSD’ in the title, but I’d expect everything that isn’t ports-specific will apply to every BSD. Her columns are clear and to the point.

Other factoids:

Gateways and small systems

Stephane Russell posted on users@ asking for opinions on using commodity gateways (Linksys devices, etc) vs. DragonFly for a firewall and network gateway device.

Link summation time!  Those gateway devices can run open-source operating systems – most famously the Linksys WRT54G. However, they can be problematic, though “Tomato” was recommended, as was OpenWRT. For read-only security, you can also boot from CD, as Dave Hayes does.

Matthew Dillon pointed out a small device that boots an free OS is all you need, which leads to stores selling my personal fascination: teeny computer systems. Michael Neumann listed favorites and, and Thomas Donnelly added Logic Supply.