vkernel vkernel vkernel!

Virtual kernel development is proceeding quickly enough that I already have to summarize two days of development. Virtual kernels are able to finish a complete buildworld, at relatively good speed for an unoptimized system a few days old. This will be improved soon, with more room for development. Also, networking is working well, even with multiple virtual network interfaces.  Oh, and various stat functions now work too.

License inanity

So, there’s a Gentoo/FreeBSD project, that attempts to graft the two systems together.  The lead developer in that project misread the old 4-clause BSD license on some older files, and paniced repeatedly.  (It even made it to the howling wasteland.)  Of course, the problem is not actually a problem – it’s caused by worry about a clause that was removed years ago.  Dru Lavigne has a nice writeup, and Wes Peters summed it up best in comments: “Now everybody get back to work. This is a 7-year-old nonissue…”