Matthew Dillon has a rather lengthy writeup of the needs of a filesystem in a clustered latent environment.  (i.e. DragonFly's goal)
This wasn't on DragonFly, but it can apply: a BSDNexus post detailed the benchmark differences between Win4BSD, VMWare, and native Windows.
Found on the web: WarpBSD, a "project to incorporate OS/2 support into FreeBSD", though it sounds like the vkernel now makes DragonFly a better choice.
I've changed the theme, and added some elements to make this match the other DragonFly sites a bit more.  If I've removed a link you need, please let me know.
Matthew Dillon has synchronized Preview with the latest bleeding-edge code,  to match up with the large number of commits lately.
Matthew Dillon is doing CVS surgery tonight to revert the architecture name changes; if you are using bleeding-edge code, don't update it until tomorrow.