NVIDIA and support

‘Timofonic’ spotted this post by an NVIDIA employee describing the changes needed for better performance/support of NVIDIA chipsets in FreeBSD. This could apply to DragonFly., though I daresay these issues would already be fixed (or at least worked on) if it wasn’t a closed-source driver.

Of course, while I’m at it, I may as well wish for a pony and a million bucks, as there’s probably business reasons for the closed-source driver that are more compelling than the opinion of Some Guy with Blogging Software Installed.

Speed controls, bridges, and new processors

The last 24 hours have brought some interesting improvements: Scott Ullrich committed new code for bridging, YONETANI Tomokazu committed his est (Enhanced Speedstep) support, which was converted from NetBSD, and Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert has
success building world for the AMD64 architecture. (Kernel is not supported, so fully native AMD64 DragonFly isn’t possible – yet.) Unlike the other two items, Simon’s code has not yet been committed, as it’s the newest of these three items.

BSDInstaller assembling

Are you trying to put together the BSD Installer?  Taken from an email from Scott Ullrich (sorry, no web archive):

Here is the steps I take to build the installer once it is checked out of cvs:

cd installer/scripts/build