Almost great

Matthew Dillon wrote out his final report on the Shuttle XPC with a AMD X2 dual-core processor. The short version: it works under the latest DragonFly code, except for the built-in ethernet. It’s zippy.

pkgsrc and bugs

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote me to describe the preferred bug reporting path for pkgsrc issues on DragonFly:

1: Mail Joerg Sonnenberger or
2: Mail DragonFly developers known to work on pkgsrc
3: send-pr, on the NetBSD site. (The first page I found for that looks to be focused on NetBSD…)
4: Mail to the mailing list.

Prepping for pkgsrc

pkgsrc is the upcoming application packaging system for the next release of DragonFly, and there are several mailing lists just for pkgsrc (not DragonFly-specific) that talk about what’s going on. It’s also a good place to go if you have trouble with a particular package, as the maintainer of that package may not be on any of the DragonFly lists, due to the extreme cross-platform usage of pkgsrc.