If you're looking for a KVM switch to use with a DragonFly machine(s), it appears that Belkin (and USB) is the way to go.
Joerg Sonneberger wants everyone to try out pkgsrc if possible; apparently large projects like KDE and Gnome are building, mostly.
Let's say you want to debug a crash, but it was caused by a separate kernel module? Hiten Pandya has a way to use asf(8) to get at the module-specific data.
Questions about multiprocessor machines and routing ability led to this post from Matthew Dillon, who described the bottlenecks (and how they will be eliminated).
Do you use wireless? Specifically, the iwi, ipw, wi, or ndis drivers? Do you need WPA encryption? You need Andrew Atrens' large patch. Simon 'corecode' Schubert plans to commit this patch before the next release if he can get at least one person using one of each of the drivers listed above to test. That means before December 15th, so time's a-wasting! Andrew Atrens has already been using this patch in production.
BSDCan 2006 is looking for proposals for (technical) papers, for presentation at their next event in May, 2006.
Matthew Dillon's posted his first patch that can make network interrupts multiprocessor-safe. If you don't want to run bleeding-edge code, it's worth reading for the explanation.
Matthew Dillon posted his plans for the next release, which revolve around multiprocessor capability and the inclusion of pkgsrc. He also noted some of what he plans for immediately after the 1.4 release.
Matthew Dillon's making some changes get get us just a little closer to removing the Big Giant Lock for multiprocessor systems; it's now possible to treat certain interrupts, traps, and syscalls as mpsafe. mpsafe, for the acronymically challenged, is "multi-processor safe".
Joerg Sonnenberger posted a warning for those running DragonFly 1.2 systems that plan to move to 1.4: the RC system is changing slightly, removing a keyword issue.
Kamil Chatrnuch has created a DragonFly BSD group on Frappr, a "Friend Mapper" application. Add yourself and your interests, if you are so inclined.
The pkgsrc guide (not DragonFly-specific; for that, see the wiki) has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese. Why, yes, I am having a hard time finding newsworthy items today; why do you ask?