Seen a number of places: the NYCBSDCON is coming in almost exactly a month. If you can’t guess from the acronym, it’s a BSD-themed convention in New York City – specifically, at Columbia University. There’s some interesting speakers, too!

Convoluted magazine story

Probably because of my subscription to SysAdmin Magazine, I got an email from CMP Media for the net event “Why Did My Build Break? Learn Effective Techniques to Debug Troublesome Makefiles, which is a 1-hour talk on August 24th with Usman Muzaffar and John Osterhout (the person who created Tcl). I have no idea how interesting this is, as it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

It appears to be linked into Software Development Magazine, another CMP product. Looking at that page, it appears that this magazine absorbed New Architect, which I really enjoyed years ago when it was “Web Techniques”. What does that mean now? Nothing!