Jeremy C. Reed posted his results from building all possible pkgsrc packages on DragonFly. More than half were successful already, and more (since he was building as non-root) should be possible. You can read his full post for details, but here's a nice little summary: Build started: Mon Aug 29 19:45:33 2005 GMT Build ended: Wed Aug 31 03:36:14 2005 GMT Successfully packaged: 2902 Packages really broken: 1037 Pkgs broken due to them: 1270 Total broken: 2307 Not packaged: 314 Total: 2621
There's a petition on bsdnexus.comto bring Codeweavers' Crossover Office to BSD (meaning FreeBSD, probably). Update: I've traded a few emails with Frank Jahnke, the man behind this work, and I take back every unoptimistic thing I've ever said about it.
Jeffrey Hsu has committed his new spinlock implementation - the commit message has a short explanation of how it was implemented.
I've upgraded the software behind this site; it should make no real difference to you, the reader. Please tell me if you encounter something that's broken.
Matthew Dillon posted that the last (major) ABI changes are done, and Preview has been updated. If you're running Preview, now is a good time to update. However, you'll have to rebuild everything, as he describes.
Joerg Anslik has written a very complete bit of documentation on getting a Quake 3 Arena server running under DragonFly; it's available on the Wiki.
Matthew Dillon posted a warning that the final ABI changes would go in this weekend, and that Preview would soon be bumped to match the bleeding-edge HEAD. That means everything on non-Release systems will have to be rebuilt - pkgsrc/port packages, too.
Scott Robbins mailed in a link to his page, which contains some DragonFly notes, and a much more up-to-date install guide than what's in the current Handbook.
Jeremy C. Reed has started a bulk build of pkgsrc packages for DragonFly; so far, he has 907 built of 5,523. He'll have a full report when it completes.
Matthew Dillon described some of the possibilities and hurdles for his journaling code.
Chris Pressey found out the hard way that installing DragonFly and then FreeBSD can lead to DragonFly being wiped out by the FreeBSD installer.