Other BSD news

OpenBSD is being ported to the Zaurus PDA platform (see general user FAQ) (thanks OpenBSD Journal) NetBSD has the 2004 4th quarter report out. Also, NetBSD now supports the TS-7200 via the evbarm port, which is a single-board computer similar to the well-known Soekris products. (Seen on Slashdot/BSD.) Small computer products like that make me wish I could find a small, cheap LCD screen to hook up, and create a laptop-ish computer.

No outage after all

The system hosting this page, shiningsilence.com, won’t be going down this weekend after all. The new system’s motherboard has a broken IDE controller, so an RMA is going to have to happen first. Darnit!

Java jumps, returns RSN

Slashdot/BSD has a story on Sun revoking the Java license for FreeBSD, which is not a surprise to anyone who saw mention of this in December’s FreeBSD Foundation newsletter. (Admittedly, it was overshadowed by the non-corporation donation needs.) The real answer is that the license expired because of a SNAFU rather than a desire by Sun to end Java use on FreeBSD, and it’s getting worked out. This affects DragonFly to some extent, since Java can be built from the port system DragonFly inherited from FreeBSD.

NetBSD benchmarks

A fellow named Gregory McGarry has written a paper showing NetBSD outperforming FreeBSD 5 on a number of benchmarks. These would be more accurately called microbenchmarks, as the paper describes very specific system activities, repeated. It would be interesting to repeat with DragonFly – and it could be done, as the paper includes details on how to repeat. The benchmark is similar to an earlier BSD and Linux comparison done more than a year ago. (seen on BSDNews)