DragonFly_Stable moved up

The DragonFly_Stable tag has been slipped up to correct a memory leak and incorporate the ‘rm -I’ fix. This does place the stble code right smack in the middle of the VFS changes, but those appear to be at a stable point right now.

Safer rm, more quickly

Giorgos Keramidas, after reading an article about how rm -rf / (i.e. accidentally deleting your operating system) is avoided by Sun, suggested on the hackers@freebsd.org mailing list some changes to protect from that. An extensive discussion (bikeshed) ensued. See “Protection from the dreaded “rm -fr /” thread on the former link, if you are curious. It’s still not resolved.

On the other hand, this has been quickly fixed in DragonFly, without changing the basic function of rm. New installs will have this safer behavior by default, though the old unsafe setup can be restored if desired.

DragonFly case badge

Joerg Anslik sent along a note that dreamsticker.de took a supplied image and turned it into a 2.5 sq.cm case badge for him.

Joerg Anslik wrote: “Just order “3D-Wunschsticker” (5 is minimum) and send him a 300 dpi picture (or whatever) in a separate mail refering to the order number
you’ll receive.”

This should work for any Germany residents; the dreamsticker.de is in German so I can’t identify if they ship outside of the country.