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How, where, and why DragonFly

As part of another thread, Steve Petrie posted an in-depth description of how and where and why he’s using DragonFly.  Worth looking at either for workflow tips or for just seeing the use case.

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Virtual I/O performance

If you want to help I/O performance when DragonFly is virtualized, here’s a short checklist of what to work on.  I haven’t noticed any problems – but I’m not taxing any of my VMs that heavily.

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The Varialus page

This page, Varialus et Anisoptera, set up by… I’m not sure of the real name but it’s ‘varialus’ on IRC – has a detailed description of the DragonFly install process and installation of MATE, plus extra notes.  I always find these sorts of cheatsheets entertaining.

A rcrun(8) conversation

Robin Hahling wants feedback on where to go in DragonFly with rcrun(8), service(8), and similar commands.  Follow the thread to see the various opinions.

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LDAP and DragonFly

Predrag Punosevac posted his writeup of using LDAP and DragonFly, which I’m noting here for the next person that needs LDAP authentication.

Release followups

There’s an extended article about the DragonFly 4.0 release on  You need to be able to read French to enjoy it fully, or perhaps through translation, but it goes into some good depth.

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IPFW…3? work

A fellow whom I’ve only seen named as Bill is working on what he calls ipfw2, though technically what’s already in DragonFly is ipfw2, since it’s the second version of ipfw.  Either way, he has a project page up describing what he’s done so far, and what he plans.

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DragonFly 4.0.0RC3 images

If you look at your local DragonFly mirror, you’ll see ISO and IMG versions of DragonFly 4.0.0RC3.  Please run, break, and report.

(Check the iso-images directory.)

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No, wait, RC3

Matthew Dillon had some followup commits that went in just after I tagged RC2 of DragonFly 4.0 last night, so I’ve tagged RC3.  Tagging’s cheap, anyway.

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DragonFly 4.0 RC2 tagged

I just tagged a second release candidate of DragonFly 4.  Matthew Dillon’s recent reapctl() addtions – now called procctl() – just went in.

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DragonFly 4.0 status

The release candidate for DragonFly 4.0 came out last week, and normally the release would happen after a week.  There’s still a few people reporting an odd freeze, so until we can find a cause, we’ll continue to wait.

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More DragonFly as a desktop

If you can read French, or can translate, here’s an article covering the use of DragonFly as a desktop system.

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DragonFly 4.0.0-RC out

Your local mirror should have a copy of the release candidate for DragonFly 4.0.0 by now.  Please try it out and report problems.  Note that this is a x86_64 only version; there’s no i386 version though you may be able to manually build on i386.

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Clang support in DragonFly

It’s been possible to install and run clang on DragonFly for a long time, of course, and at least build world with it.  However, John Marino is putting in significant work to make clang one of the system compilers, replacing the older gcc44 that’s in DragonFly now.  (The newer gcc47 stays.)  This won’t be part of the next release, but it should be available soon after.

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For the next DragonFly release

I noted the last few things that should be committed before the DragonFly release.  People have spoken up for most of them, but it wouldn’t hurt to try recent -master with the upmap/kpmap work that recently went in.  Benchmarks wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

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DragonFly as a desktop

There’s been so much work in DragonFly recently that makes a desktop easier (i915 support, dports, and so on), that I decided to resurrect an older Dell machine and use it as my desktop.

The Dell that I’m using is a leftover from someone else’s workplace; it’s 7 years old, and has “only” 4G of RAM and a Core 2 DuoE6600  CPU in it.  It works, however.

Setting up DragonFly and installing xorg and so on is pretty straightforward.  Using dports makes it crazy quick to add all the packages.  I went for XFCE4 because I could.  Starting X gave me some trouble at first; the default config couldn’t find the mouse and would eventually crash.

Running ‘X -configure’ created a xorg.conf file I could edit, and these lines in /etc/rc.conf gave me a working mouse:


The crashing problem with my radeon-driven video card was fixed by turning off the acceleration – uncommenting this line in xorg.conf did it:

Option     "NoAccel"

Video performance isn’t as nice as I would like it with acceleration, but this is an older machine anyway.

I couldn’t get sound working. Francois Tigeot has a branch of DragonFly that contains newer sound drivers brought over from FreeBSD, here:

git:// (pcm_2014_september branch.)

It doesn’t support device cloning, so I can run Youtube videos and XMMS, but not audio from both at the same time.  (for instance; not that you’d want to do this other than by accident)

I installed x11/webfonts, and web pages look a bit better after changing my default font preferences.

And… that’s about it.  It’s a working desktop.  Digging up a half-height video card that has working acceleration is a next step, but I can’t imagine that’ll be expensive.  I wish I had done this a long time ago.

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In Other Linuxes for 2014/09/13

I’m doing this little extra feature because I ran into several news items over the past week or so that made me say “what the hell?” out loud to my monitor.

Fedora To Get a New Partition Manager.  All?  Almost all? Linux distributions use gparted, which is open source and can be updated.  Why not add to that?  Also, it’s yet another preannouncement about how this new replacement tool will work – it’s not functional yet.

Text streams should be the fallback interface in Unix.  Every 2 or 3 years someone gets this idea in some form – somehow it doesn’t overcome 40+ years of text usage.

Revisiting How We Put Together Linux Systems.  Nobody can find fault with ideas like easier package management and signing.  (Though maybe having the same upgrade mechanism for base + 3rd party software isn’t a good idea)  However. this answer, coming from part of the group behind systemd, ties all software installation into having a btrfs volume – even requiring a virtual btrfs volume if there isn’t one installed.  Incompatible software versions are dealt with by turning /usr into a sort of container.  That kills any sort of need to interoperate with other software.  And of course it assumes there is no Unix but Linux.  (via)

Grump grump grump.

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DragonFly pf/altq/fairq users tip

If you are on DragonFly, using pf, using altq, and using fairq to control usage, there’s a latency bug that Matthew Dillon recently fixed.  He’s posted an announcement and committed fixes to master and 3.8, so it’s only an upgrade away.

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New kernel and new target

You should perform a full world and kernel install if on master.

Several people (including me) have been getting bit by a problem: when performing an installworld with a changed kernel, the vn kernel module is loaded, but it was built by the previous kernel and may cause problems when it doesn’t match up.

To fix that, vn is now built in, instead of being a separate module.  The rescue initrd (which is what is being mounted when it has this problem) is now installed via a ‘make rescue‘ command that can wait until a successful installworld and reboot.

Full kernel build for DragonFly

If you are tracking DragonFly master, your next kernel build should be full, not quick.

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DragonFly 3.8.2 images uploaded

It took me a little while, but DragonFly 3.8.2 images are uploaded now to the main site.  Check the 3.8.2 changelog if you didn’t before.  This is a recommended upgrade for the newer OpenSSL, and should otherwise have little impact on the programs you have installed.

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DragonFly 3.8.2 rolled

I’ve tagged DragonFly 3.8.2, which exists mostly to accommodate the latest release of OpenSSL.  (Security fixes, which should not be a surprise.)  I will build images as soon as I get a chance.

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Name your favorite DragonFly features

If you have a particular favorite thing in DragonFly, Damian Vincino would like to know about it.

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Rust ported to DragonFly

Rust has been ported to DragonFly by Michael Neumann.  His blog has implementation details, and you can pull from his repo to get a buildable version.  This may be useful, as he notes, for anyone wanting to build Rust on other BSDs.

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Semaphore test suite added

Thanks to Nicolas Thery, there’s a POSIX semaphore test suite on DragonFly, ported from FreeBSD.  Anyone want to integrate it into dfregress?

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SYSRET fixed even if not broken

There’s a recently talked about bug in SYSRET that apparently affects a lot of operating systems, including Linux and several BSDs.  It looks like DragonFly is not affected, but Matthew Dillon has put in changes just in case.

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Portable LibreSSL out

The portable (meaning ready to be brought into other operating systems) version of LibreSSL is out.

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pkg and conflicts

Some dports packages can’t be installed in combination with others.  The easy way to find the conflict without doing the install?  Look for CONFLICTS= in the Makefile.  If you don’t have the dports tree on disk, you can always look online.

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LDAP on DragonFly

If you’re looking to use LDAP on DragonFly, follow this thread (read the first, keep going) as people talk about implementing it, what they installed, etc.  I haven’t tried it myself, yet.

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ACPICA updated to 20140627

ACPICA has been updated by Sascha Wildner to version 20140627, which as you can guess from the version, is the most recent.   See the included changelog for what’s different.

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In Other BSDS for 2014/07/05

Another ‘quiet’ week – lots of commit activity in the other BSDs, but not a lot to point at directly.

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In Other BSDs for 2014/06/21

I have a backlog from stuff I missed last week while traveling, so we all benefit!

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DragonFly 3.6.3 tagged too

I tagged DragonFly 3.6.3, at Sascha Wildner’s suggestion.  Why do that when there’s a 3.8.1 out?  This way there’s a version of 3.6 that has all the fixes included, including the recent OpenSSL updates.  This ‘final versioning’ should probably be done for every release.  I’ll work on final images.

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DragonFly 3.8.1 tagged

The 3.8.1 tag was planned for tonight; I’m waiting to find out if there needs to be a new set of binary ports for 3.8.1 before I tag.

I tagged DragonFly 3.8.1; you can see a list of the changes in the tag message.  New images are built. If you are already running 3.8.0, a normal make src-update and rebuild will get you everything.

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DragonFly 3.8.1 by this Monday

Matthew Dillon posted a note about the next point release of DragonFly, coming within a few days.  Chunks of it like the recent OpenSSL and Sendmail fixes are already on the 3.8 branch. 

I assume I’ll be the one rolling it, and I plan to put together a 3.6.3 tag too, just so there’s a final version of 3.6 that has all changes rolled up.

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Some drivers gone for x86_64

Sascha Wildner has removed some drivers in the x86_64 config.  This will only really affect you if you use a custom kernel and still have entries for those drivers in the config file.

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locking(9) man page added

Thanks to Markus Pfeiffer, there is now a locking(9) man page for use the next time you say, “Which is the right lock to use?”   Something I see almost monthly.

OpenSSL update

There were more problems found in OpenSSL… right after release of DragonFly 3.8.  OpenSSL 1.0.1h has been committed, thanks to Robin Hahling and Sascha Wildner.  I’ll be rolling a 3.8.1 release soon.

If you are saying “Hey, what about LibreSSL?  And do I write it LibReSSL?”, it’s not set up as a portable release yet.  Also, I don’t know the correct capitalization, either.  There is some debate about the lack of notification from OpenSSL to LibreSSL, though other vendors were notified days before.

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BSDNow 040: AirPorts & Packages

BSDNow 040 has an interview with Karl Lehenbauer at FlightAware, a tutorial on OpenBSD’s packaging system, and more from BSDCan 2014.

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DragonFly 3.8 released

The 3.8 release of DragonFly is out!  See the release page for a changelog and check your local mirror for download first.

Binary dports packages for 3.8 have been built; they are available for download.  (link goes to release versions of the packages.  Future updates will be in ../LATEST)

For upgrades from 3.6: You can pull the 3.8 source normally with git:

cd /usr/src
git fetch origin
git branch DragonFly_RELEASE_3_8 origin/DragonFly_RELEASE_3_8
git checkout DragonFly_RELEASE_3_8

Assuming you are using an unmodified kernel, here’s the steps I usually do for an upgrade:

# make buildworld && make buildkernel && make installkernel && make installworld && make upgrade

After upgrading from 3.6, pkg (as designed) will download the appropriate 3.8 packages with pkg upgrade.

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NYCBUG: Cloud and Colocation

NYCBUG is having a meeting tomorrow night with the theme “Cloud and Colocation“.  However!  Suspenders, the usual restaurant location, has closed.  (Aw, I liked it)  This meeting is happening at the offices, which means you can’t just show up – send email if you plan to attend.

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DragonFly 3.8RC2 out

I put together a second release candidate for DragonFly 3.8, and it’s uploading now.  The reason is that I goofed up the pkg build – Sascha Wildner has hopefully made that harder for me to screw up now.

Release is still planned for the 4th.

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DragonFly in GCC tests

Thanks to John Marino and people I don’t know the name of in the gcc project, DragonFly is now part of the gcc test suite.

“What about clang?” you say?  We’re not picky; DragonFly works with either.

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DragonFly 3.8 release candidate available

I’ve branched DragonFly 3.8, and tagged a release candidate.  Please try the release candidate if you can.  I have links in my post to users@/kernel@.  Don’t forget the remaining issues!  Planned release date is June 4th.

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Calgary BSD users, take note

Normally I’d save this for the In Other BSDs weekend item, but the time horizon is too short: Theo De Raadt and Bob Beck are giving a last-minute LibreSSL talk tonight at the Calgary UNIX Users Group meeting at 5:30 PM.  See for the location.

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DragonFly, PostgreSQL, PGCon, slides

The slides from Francois Tigeot’s talk about benchmarking DragonFly with PostgreSQL are now online – link is to a PDF.

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DragonFly 3.8, coming up

We’re due for the next release of DragonFly.  I’ve posted the two-week warning to kernel@.  As I noted in that post, please look at the list of issues for the release and see what you can close.

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DragonFly, PostgreSQL, PGCon

Francois Tigeot is giving a talk tomorrow on benchmarking DragonFly using PostgreSQL, at PGCon 2014.  PGCon is the PostgreSQL convention happening immediately after BSDCan in the same location, in case you didn’t know already.

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Newest committer: Imre Vadasz

Imre Vadasz is our newest DragonFly committer.  Welcome, Imre!

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Confluence on DragonFly: works, sometimes

I’ve seen Atlassian Confluence, a Java-based wiki program, in a few places.  Atlassian apparently offers their software at a discount (free?) to qualified open source projects.  I set up Confluence 5.4 on DragonFly as a test run, and it generally worked.  That’s great!  I tried to set up version 5.5, and it will not start.

May 08, 2014 7:24:41 PM org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase startInternal
SEVERE: A child container failed during start
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.InternalError: platform not recognized

This is annoying. DragonFly (or any BSD) is not supported by Atlassian for Confluence, so it’s not a surprise… but I was so close! Their product has a very nice interface and I was planning to replace Mediawiki at my workplace with it, for some internal documentation. This FreeBSD bug report is the closest fix I can find, but it’s old enough it shouldn’t matter now.

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NYCBUG tomorrow: Bhyve

NYCBUG has a presentation from John Baldwin, happening on the 7th (tomorrow!), all about Bhyve, the BSD hypervisor.

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DragonFly network performance

Wojciech Puchar noted with some surprise that DragonFly uses less CPU than expected for high-packet-rate traffic.  This has been going on for a while, and apparently Sepherosa Ziehau has even more improvements planned.

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A recurring DragonFly pattern: hey, this is fast!

The reaction I have heard a number of times from new DragonFly users: hey, this runs really fast, even when I try to load it down!

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A pkg 1.3 change to enjoy

The pkg tool, used in DragonFly (and FreeBSD) for ports, is at version 1.2.  Version 1.3 will apparently be able to solve the problem where one port is ended and replaced with another.  This is a problem that’s been around forever, and I don’t just mean with pkg.  I don’t know how soon 1.3 will be out, or what version FreeBSD is at.

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Extra digit on your PIDs

Just so nobody’s surprised: DragonFly process IDs now go an order of magnitude higher.

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ACPICA updated to 20140325

Sascha Wildner’s updated ACPICA to a very recent version, which happens to fix a bug in an earlier ACPICA version.

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DragonFly 3.6.2 released

Release 3.6.2 of DragonFly has been tagged, and ISO/img files are available.  This includes an updated OpenSSL for Heartbleed problems.  Here’s the changelog.  You can, if you haven’t already, update your existing 3.6 systems the normal way.

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HTTPS, OpenSSL, and

All the sites (www, bugs, gitweb, lists, leaf) should be available via https now, thanks to a wildcard certificate from InterNetX.  Also, all the machines have an up-to-date version (1.0.1g) of OpenSSL installed to prevent the Heartbleed issue.

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Rescue RAMdisk to test

Francois Tigeot’s rescue ramdisk work is ready for testing.  You can pull it directly from his repo and try it out.  It’s surprising how small the ramdisk can be crunched.

Note: he now has a newer branch than what is in that linked message.

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For the next DragonFly release

I wrote up some thoughts for the next release of DragonFly.  There’s some project work in there for anyone interested.  The next release should be near the end of May.

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NSS/LDAP and DragonFly

One of the requirements to get NSS/LDAP working on (most) any unixlike system is to have dynamic binaries; meaning they are dependent on various libraries to run.  Since you’re talking about programs for login when you’re talking about NSS/LDAP, that means if the libraries aren’t available, you can’t log in.  DragonFly has static binaries just to avoid that problem.

Francois Tigeot proposed switching to dynamic binaries and building a /rescue directory with static backups, as is the case with I think FreeBSD and NetBSD.  If you follow the thread, it looks like the best path is to use initrd instead.  Initrd stands for INITial Ram Disk, and is the first volume the computer sets up to boot from BIOS.  Since initrd gives the computer enough space to load all the needed modules (like Hammer2…), it works without making the computer dependent on various libraries or having a bloated /rescue directory.

(Someone correct me if I have the details wrong.)  As long as we’re talking about things that would help DragonFly in a larger environment, can someone work on a VM balloon memory driver, too?

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GUI images for DragonFly 3.6 sort of

If you noticed the lack of a GUI DVD image for the 3.6 release of DragonFly, I posted a followup note on the users@ list that talks about the steps to get X installed.  It’s not much work, with pkg set up.

Open source classes at RIT

Normally I’d save this for Lazy Reading, but I’m indirectly involved: the Rochester Institute of Technology now has a minor in Open Source and Free Culture.  Here’s the press release.  I taught one of the precursor classes, Humanitarian Free/Open Source Development (essentially open source development methods) last spring.  Steve Jacobs was my advisor years ago and Remy Decausemaker was my (best) student from the HFOSS class.  In any case, the courses are definitely worth it.  (via)

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Bugs site now supports OpenID, the bug reporting site for DragonFly, uses Redmine.  It’s been updated and now can take OpenID for your login.

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pfi and authorized_keys support

pfi, the automated installer that nobody knows about, now supports installing an authorized_keys file as part of an install.  Credit goes to Alex Hornung for adding the functionality.

DragonFly 3.6.1 released

I’ve tagged version 3.6.1 of DragonFly, and built ISO/img files of it.  They should be available by now on mirrors if you need them, or you can just upgrade as normal.   See the linked tag commit message for what’s changed.

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DragonFly 3.6.1 soon

As I mentioned on kernel@, I’m going to roll a point release of DragonFly soon.  Push in your changes if you want to get them in!

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3.8 release goals

Antonio Huete put together a list of goals for the next release on the DragonFly bugtracker.  Some of them are pretty ambitious, some of them are relatively easy, but they are all very useful.

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C-state sysctl followup

Probably because of the C-state changes, Sepherosa Ziehau wants people to use a new set of sysctls instead of the hw.cpu_mwait* ones – at least on x86_64.  This won’t affect you if you aren’t already familiar with them, probably.

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Time zone changes

Recent updates to tzcode apparently fixed a long-standing time zone bug in DragonFly.  POSIX says the America/New_York timezone is picked as default if nothing else has been selected.  That didn’t happen in DragonFly – until recently.  If your timezone seemed to suddenly jump to U.S. Eastern time, that’s because you never picked before. status page

Antonio Huete set up a DragonFly status page on

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DragonFly has ASLR

Address Space Layout Randomization, since 2010.  Carsten Mattner asked, and Alex Hornung answered.  (Set the sysctl vm.randomize_mmap to 1 to enable it.)

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ACPICA update for testing

If you want to test out the latest (20131218) update to ACPICA, Sepherosa Ziehau’s got a patch for you.  This will be good for anyone who wants to use less electricity.  (updated to reflect this doesn’t enable deeper C-states as I thought it did.)

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DragonFly on a Chromebook c720

Matthew Dillon acquired one of the Acer c720 Chromebooks recently.  There were changes needed for the boot process, for the keyboard, an update from FreeBSD for the ath(4) wireless (g), smbus, and trackpad… but it works now, and he detailed exactly how to get it running, and even upgrade the drive.


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Binutils update to 2.24

John Marino has moved DragonFly from binutils 2.22 to 2.24.  I think this may require a full buildworld when upgrading…  not sure.  Anyway, binutils has a changelog if you are curious.

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Minimal installation notes

This post from Konrad Neuwirth asking how to do a minimal installation of DragonFly led to this list of all the ‘knobs’ you can set to make your installation smaller, from John Marino.  (And your buildworld faster, if that’s appealing to you.)  I also pointed at rconfig and PFI, which are criminally underdocumented.

New pkg 1.2 on the way

pkg 1.2 is coming out.  This brings a number of new features, but as John Marino posted, you may want to delete your old pkg.conf to keep the new version from complaining about an old config file.  This upgrade is a step on the way to signed packages, which is a Good Idea.

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Mini roadmap checklist

Remember the ‘mini roadmap’, mentioned last week yesterday?  John Marino put together a Google Docs spreadsheet to track the task status; several items are already cleared off.  Take a look and tackle a task.

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DragonFly roadmap, post 3.6

John Marino posted a possible ‘roadmap’ for DragonFly, now that we’re past the 3.6 release.  The thread went on for some ways as it was discussed, including my crazy ideas.  Notably, several suggested items have already been tackled – an iwn(4) upgrade has already happened, and an update to bmake, based on John’s vendor branch update instructions.

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Hammer2 status

This is a little old, but Matthew Dillon noted the status of his Hammer2 work a little while ago.  Some highlights: he’s intending Hammer2 to be usable on a single host by the time of the next DragonFly release (summer 2014), the Summer of Code project for compression has already been integrated, and he listed different parts of the work that may be interesting for anyone wanting to chip in.

Slightly related: Matt posted some Hammer2 comments on the DragonFly 3.6 release story on Slashdot that may be interesting.  Don’t bother reading the other comments; they’ll make your eyeballs bleed.

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