In Other BSDs for 2016/10/29

I get all the BSDs this week.

LibreSSL not just available but default

Remember I posted that LibreSSL is in base DragonFly, but not default?  Well, it’s default now.  You can have a system without OpenSSL at all, by rebuilding DragonFly-current and using up-to-date dports.

Update: see John’s comments for clarification: LibreSSL is default; the change is that OpenSSL isn’t even built any more.  The result is still the same good news: you can have an OpenSSL-free DragonFly system now.

Hammer helps again

I’ll just say I did this:

cpdup -VV -v /var/hammer/usr/snap-20160928-0301/local/pgsql/data /usr/local/pgsql/

And managed to bring back my last year or so of RSS feeds and the like.  Phew!