LibreSSL not just available but default

Remember I posted that LibreSSL is in base DragonFly, but not default?  Well, it’s default now.  You can have a system without OpenSSL at all, by rebuilding DragonFly-current and using up-to-date dports.

Update: see John’s comments for clarification: LibreSSL is default; the change is that OpenSSL isn’t even built any more.  The result is still the same good news: you can have an OpenSSL-free DragonFly system now.

Hammer helps again

I’ll just say I did this:

cpdup -VV -v /var/hammer/usr/snap-20160928-0301/local/pgsql/data /usr/local/pgsql/

And managed to bring back my last year or so of RSS feeds and the like.  Phew!

In Other BSDs for 2016/09/17

I’ve never had as many hackathon links as I did for g2k16 over this week and last.

Changes in release, master

Recent changes for virtual machine support and the new powerd utility have been rolled into the release branch for DragonFly. They’ll probably be in the next point release, or you can rebuild a release machine now for immediate access.

Also mentioned in the update from Matthew Dillon, DragonFly-master users should upgrade carefully as DragonFly migrates to using LibreSSL in base, and dports-based LibreSSL in dports.