More media reading

I linked to articles from last week’s issue of the Economist before, but now that I made it to the other end of the magazine, there’s another one of interest that doesn’t mention open source but still relates to it: An article on intellectual property that covers how to handle antitrust legislation and companies where the property is mostly virtual.  Useful to anyone who has dealt with the GPL and/or Microsoft.  (i.e. everyone)

Also, not really open source related, but computer games can be good for you.  I really like this magazine – not because I agree with them, but because they at least examine things in depth, and avoid the usual computing blunders you see in print.

If you don’t want to read the whole magazine yourself, there’s a nice summary available.  (that link covers the previous week; recap of this issue possibly this weekend.

New OSBR and a tip on kqemu

Dru Lavigne has linked to the latest issue of the Open Source Business Resource, with a focus on open source in government.  The next issue will be “women in open source” (appropriate given recent hullabaloo) – they’re looking for submissions.

Also, Dru made a good point in a separate post, that is connected with the recent kqemu work for DragonFly: if every BSD had a working kqemu kernel module, it would make life easier for people taking the BSDA exam.