crtbegin/crtend changes

Joerg Sonnenberger noted that on the next update of your system(s), be careful using “make upgrade”, as a consistent world is needed. The recent crtbegin/crtend changes may give some trouble. It also may be a good idea to rebuild ports, especially those that use C++.

Kernel Krap

The kernel mailing list is getting hit with a Windows mail virus in a big way; be careful when viewing it through your mail client/news interface if you use Windows.

Update: fixed now.

BIND9 updated

Matt Dillon has added bind-9.2.4rc4 to contrib. This replaces bind8 that was being used for DragonFly (and I assume FreeBSD-4) by default. Things may be somwhat unstable for a few days; if that is trouble for you, don’t update your system this week.

NVIDIA breakage

The latest dev numbering changes from Matt Dillon will break the NVIDIA binary driver, if you are using it. Emiel Kollof is working on a new version, and until that’s set, avoid updating if you want to keep your NVIDIA driver working.

Update, reboot, fsck

Matt Dillon’s tracked down a nasty filesystem corruption bug in the lockf code; everyone should update, rebuild, reboot, and do a fsck to make sure your disk is intact.

buildworld needed

Because of a commit at 2004/04/29 03:06:41 PDT, your next upgrade will need a buildworld – make quickworld won’t catch it. This was helpfully noted by David Rhodus.

quick MMX fix

If you updated your kernel today and you are having wierd graphical issues or crashing, put this in /boot/loader.conf:


The issue should be fixed very soon.

Build broken

Matt Dillon’s still missing some parts to the PIPE code in last night’s import from FreeBSD 5. Until this is fixed (hopefully by tomorrow) , the codebase will be somewhat unstable.

Start cleanly

There’s been a number of people reporting various breakages during install or boot time. To weed out problems caused by old data right away, remember to:

rm -rf /usr/obj
make buildworld
make buildkernel
make installkernel
make installworld

Name breakage

Matt Dillon’s bringing in the ‘DragonFly’ name to replace ‘FreeBSD’ in the source, which may break a number of things over the next few days, including all ports.

/bin/sh fixed

/bin/sh had a big introduced recently that would make it crash when booting with a new world. It’s been fixed, so recompile /bin/sh with updated sources when possible.