5 Replies to “DragonFly 5.6rc1 images uploaded”

  1. Dumb question: what current work when done will cause Dragonfly to be bumped to 6.0? I realize Dragonfly releases are time based – but when current big work would cause a version number bump?

    Making Hammer2 default?

  2. Is .10 is messing up sorting then why not start do 5.02, 5.04 etc release naming.

  3. because they don’t release every week? BSDs stick together. So the trend is, NBSD follows FBSD release numbering convensions and DFBSD follows OBSD’s. OBSD also bumps to .0 after a .9 release.

    so you advise them to have a 5.98 before bumping to a 6.00? why not just dropping the leading digit altogether?

    dillon is not immortal.

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