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  1. The phoronix tests seem to show rough performance equality with dfly and linux from two years ago

    So I wonder what linux did in the last two years? But also dfly uses a copy-on-write file system which gives history etc. Out of the box linux doesn’t have that. But overwrite is obviously always going to be much faster (and less useful) than copy-on-write

    The phoronix tests don’t account for these things. Does ubuntu turn off debugging in their kernel for instance?? (Though -g -O3 can appear together)

    For myself, realtime audio seems to work much better (fewer glitches/lower latency) on dfly than a low-latency version of linux (and I spent months optimizing linux!!)

    But is that due to OSS/ALSA or SMP or what? Well, to answer that question, I will rely on diligent investigative testing from phoronix

  2. You are not going to get diligent investigative testing from phoronix, nor should you draw substantial conclusions from their benchmarks.

  3. Justin

    If you don’t believe in phoronix methodology, why link to them in a blog post?

  4. because this is dragonflybsd news. good or bad, useful or not, people need a news aggregator for a small bsd like dfbsd. do you need to read news based on justin’s preferences? dflybsd users get benchmarks and buying advice (for new trends, like say nvme ssd) directly on the mailing lists from dillon himself on proper systems running detailed/explained dragonflybsd and in-dragonflybsd tech.

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