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  1. I think it was François Tigeot who did the original Daly benchmarks back 7 years ago.


    I was someone would update the Dfly vs Linux perf charts, since they are painfully dated.

    (I would but don’t have the expertise to run a proper comparison)

  2. Good news, thanks Justin ! ?

    Is HAMMER2 master/slave setup already on par with HAMMER1 ? My such HAMMER1 setup is working well, but seeing HAMMER2 becoming the default filesystem, I am tempted to migrate everything to it :)

  3. It’s nice to see continued stabilization of hammer2 and the 5.x series. If DragonflyBSD had booted on my Dell desktop earlier this year (it unfortunately crashed when initialising the network card), then I’d be using it much more. As it is, I keep installing on older hardware while hoping Linux cleans up systemd/dbus or DragonflyBSD works as a replacement.

    Compared to btrfs and zfs I like the approach of hammer2. It must be very difficult to design a reliable high-performance feature-rich filesystem in layers without lumping everything together into one opaque mass of complexity. Thanks for all the work.

  4. I don’t know what you are doing with HAMMER1, so I can’t tell you if HAMMER2 will work… you will have to compare yourself. I realize that’s not a very exciting answer.

  5. @Justin

    I have a master/slave HAMMER1 setup on top of LUKS



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