You probably didn’t use this anyway

The last bits of Linux emulation have been removed from DragonFly.  It’s 32-bit, so it’s been unsupported since DragonFly went to 64-bit only with the 4.0 release.  Also, some other 32-bit only items are gone, including the cs, ep, ex, fe, and vx network drivers.  It’s almost impossible that anyone was using it, but it’s notable because that’s some… 15-20k lines of code gone?  Removal of unused code is also positive.

4 Replies to “You probably didn’t use this anyway”

  1. What a shame that there is no plans to implement a 64-bit linux emulation (porting linuxulator64 from FreeBSD?) :(
    It would be nice to have possibility to run some professional 3D-VFX proprietary apps like Houdini, MODO, MARI, Maya, Nuke, Fusion, DaVinci Resolve, 3D-Coat, etc.

  2. As others have pointed out – and so far I’ve never seen it wrong – there’s lots of people that want a linuxulator in concept, but I have yet to find someone who needed it to actually accomplish what they wanted to do. i.e. if I hadn’t posted this, few would notice it going away. I don’t think it really helps the platform, anyway, especially with containers so commonplace.

  3. I am actually burning a DFBSD flash drive right now, but I guess I’ll cancel it :(
    Shame, I wanted to try HAMMER.

  4. Anon person – what is it that you need Linux emulation for? Trying Hammer is completely separate from Linuxulator support, especially since it hasn’t been supported for a number of releases.

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