In Other BSDs for 2013/11/16

Not as much pulled directly from the source lists this time, which is good.


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  1. Apropos of g4u and Things You’d Think Would Be Convenient By Now But Aren’t, apparently the answer to “Oops, how do I extract something from this gzip’d full disk backup that I just made to the only disk in the vicinity that would be large enough to hold the image uncompressed?” involves The Sleuthkit/Autopsy browser plus the “ewf” tools.

    (The current tools for the ‘open’ AFF format apparently try to seek so can’t convert via stdin or named pipe, but ewfacquirestream for the ‘proprietary’ format still works.)

    I don’t think that implicates GNU/Linux specifically but that’s where I happened to pick that fight. After confirming that it appeared to be sort of possible in a roundabout way (and converting the “.ddimg.gz” to an EWF-format image) it fell to the bottom of the to-do list, so it’s not exactly 100% confirmed, but hopefully this saves someone else a lost night of Googling.

    This trivia was inspired by some HP desktops at work coming with utility stuff on their EFI system partitions that can’t actually be conveniently re-downloaded from HP (at least if you’re not using Windows, which for all I know might now require some of that to boot). Odds of actually needing it for anything? Low, but an argument in favor of making a full-disk backup before blowing out the preloads… which I did… and in favor of making a *convenient* backup of just the relatively tiny ESP, oops.

    This can also go on my permanent Internet record as the nasty letter to HP I never bothered to write.

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