Lazy Reading for 2012/01/15

Getting back into the rhythm, here…

Your unrelated comics link of the week: there’s a Freddy, and a dragonfly, but it’s not DragonFly BSD.  It’s still fun though.


Gnat-aux is the way to go

John Marino has pointed out, with a number of examples, that gnat-aux is the best pkgsrc-based compiler for DragonFly right now, in terms of compatibility and support.  It’s certainly good news if you are an Ada programmer.  He lists some interesting numbers to demonstrate this superiority, though you can’t buildworld with it yet.  (gcc 4.4, on DragonFly as part of the system, will do this normally.)

Lazy reading for 2012/01/08

I said posting would be more regular now that the holiday’s over, didn’t I?  I lied.

Your unrelated link for the day: The Restart Page.  (via)  Make your browser full-screen when trying any of them.