How good is Sepherosa Ziehau? The bce(4) driver is broken with polling in FreeBSD, but he's made the DragonFly version work just fine.
Apparently pf has some significant speedups; updating the DragonFly version would have a nice benefit at this point.  (seen on Undeadly and by _hasso_ on #dragonflybsd)
Matthew Dillon has changed virtual kernels so that they can be internally restarted or shut down, just like a real system.  OMG.
Matthew Dillon wrote up an explanation of how his disklabel changes work out.
I'm going to be cleaning - watch out!  This should not affect services located there, like developer accounts or the mail archive.  I hope.
Aggelos Economopoulos's articles titled "A Peek at the DragonFly Virtual Kernel" are now available as a single item on, with some additional details that didn't appear in the initial version.
If you are running bleeding edge DragonFly, make sure your next buildworld/buildkernel is a full one.  Matthew Dillon has made changes to ccdconfig/vnconfig that require it.
Joerg Sonnenberger has posted his initial plans for making bulk build of pkgsrc run in parallel.
Since Matthew Dillon's working on the disklabel code, be careful if you're running bleeding edge code in the next few days.  Disklabel errors eat data.